031 – Nicole Amorosino of HCT Group – Formulating and Packaging Beauty

Nicole Amorosino of HCT Group

Cutting edge innovation, design and beauty manufacturing with HCT Group…

Nicole AmorosinoNicole Amorosino of HCT Group , Vice President of Product Sales of HCT Group (a turnkey offering which conveniently manages the process from concept to creation, overseeing logistics, formulation, filling, engineering, manufacture, point of sale design and brand launch strategy), joins Julie Fredrickson, Karen Moon, and Regina Gwynn in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser.

A one-stop shop, a library, and lead time

Nicole Amorosino of HCT Group Amorosino discusses HCT as a one-stop shop, how they started with packaging, and grew to formulation, brushes, and a whole gamut of things from a conceptual view of cosmetic brand to a whole market. How designers come up with rendering for brands as to how project will look like, the value of a stock tool to move right into working with factory. Having a library, data available for new brands, how many brands share the same packaging, the value of simplistic colors, extending the shelf life of natural products (and what is actually natural), airless packaging, matching formula and packaging for a coherent whole, lead time considerations, and why luxurious trail mix is the perfect analogy.

Trends, formulation, and new materials

Nicole Amorosino of HCT Group Trend reports, customization, processing, production times cost of goods to get ahead of a new trend, the importance of knowing what you want your brand to be, getting everything together for first results in faster execution as an area of growth due to speed to market. Innovation in formulation, partnering with raw material suppliers, being the first company with new materials that can be used with cosmetics, and exploring how customers can they use that for packaging, and finding formula stability.

Turnkey, QVC, and dancing with Richard Simmons

Being turnkey, and personal questions cover Star Trek by way of the MAC Cosmetics counter, favorite collaboration with Sephora and Alexis Bittar, working with QVC, gemstone history and meanings, and why the beauty industry almost wasn’t her career. Plus, what she’d sell in a 30 min slot on QVC, and dancing with Richard Simmons?


Happier, Healthier, Better – 2018 Ford Trends Report with Sheryl Connelly

Sheryl Connelly

Big picture global macro patterns and behaviors, with Sheryl Connelly…

Sheryl ConnellySheryl Connelly, Global Trends and Futuring Manager (a.k.a. Corporate Futurist) for Ford Motor Company, talks with MouthMedia Network President Pavan Bahl about the insights and implications of the 2018 Ford Trends Report. Recorded at the MouthMedia Network studios, powered by Sennheiser. Read the 2018 Ford Trends Report here.

Data for all, giving younger people purpose, and seeking solutions

Connelly reveals how the report previously was kept proprietary and inside Ford, but now it is cascading it widely, as it is functionally agnostic. The brief is that the more it was shared that Ford received more insights. She discusses how trust is a trend that can’t be overestimated. She reviews the personal note to the reader, and how disorientation, disparity, and inequities cannot be ignored anymore, that people want to explore them and look for solutions and how the world is committed to looking for solutions. Being thoughtful in how to engage young people to give them purpose, working in emerging markets, endeavoring to be sure Ford is meaning the same thing around the world, elevating to truly a global space. How the whole landscape of automotive industry is evolving, and Ford is playing a leadership role.

An activist awakening, mental and physical health, and the Ford Hub

Sheryl ConnellyUncertainty and confusion globally, an activist awakening, discovering the degree of intolerance of opposing viewpoints, and the understanding of the impact of individual actions on change. When thinking about solutions, whether women can feel safe and have accessible options, a societal cultural shift, how mental well being goes along with physical health, creating a culture of curiosity that opens the door for innovation, the impact of sleep on health and weight loss, disconnecting from work in order to grow and explore, and mending the mind. Retail, and pop up retailers such as Story offers evolution in use case and agile experiences. And the Ford Hub brand experience in the World Trade Center Oculus in New York City.

Managing data, autonomous vehicles, and the changing family

How the younger generation doesn’t care about giving personal information, and how brands can be distinguished by how they act as stewards of info. Autonomous driving features/autonomous vehicles, how we are already driving a semiautonomous vehicle, so the building blocks are already there. Bringing autonomous vehicles widely into reality will be partly dependent on legal, municipal, and other influencers, and how with this comes a greater level of responsibility for Ford. In 2021, when Ford brings its first autonomous vehicles to the streets will they be ride hailing and package delivery vehicles. Ford is “all in” with major investment and commitment, and it is something definitely coming. What it looks like offers various possibilities, addressing concerns of jobs going away. In the past the biggest fear with automation was what we’d do with our leisure time, but that didn’t happen. A lot of data in the “singled out” section—a lot of data on what average family means, for first time in America’s history there are more single people than married. Yet people maintain that single people are treated differently, and the definition of the nuclear family has changed. What kind of vehicles does that now mean, understanding how shifts might change affects how and where production is determined.The future plays out in ways that are tough to imagine. The resilience of the human spirit, and awe inspiring, head scratching data.

030 – Barbara Zinn Moore – Evolution of a Beautiful Industry

Barbara Zinn Moore

A transforming beauty industry…

Barbara Zinn MooreBarbara Zinn Moore, beauty industry expert, consultant and President of Barbara Zinn Moore Associates LLC, joins Karen Moon and Regina Gwynn in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser.

A new landscape, changing floor format, K-Beauty, and picking up speed-to-market

Zinn Moore discusses how the beauty industry and real estate landscape have been changing from being brand oriented, how education and staffing have changed, the critical growing impact of artificial intelligence and cameras, smart mirrors, and customers looking for a way to walk around different departments, get various advice, and ring up in one place. The interest in changing the format of retail store floors to be more open and have the ability to walk around. The influx of K-Beauty along with fragrance growth for Asians, the need for speed-to-market to pick up, and a snack of Tate’s cookies that gets the whole room smiling.

The multicultural customer, fashion in skin care, and fading trends

Barbara Zinn MooreHow the multicultural customer is now in-charge, and why that means many different products and having what’s right for customers with tones. The evolution of storytelling, how customers want to know more about founders/vision and story behind brand. There is fashion and trend in skin care, bringing health and wellness into the world of beauty a new storytelling point that’s to come, and how male makeup is growing. Also, fading trends like over-contouring, and going back to a more natural look.

Helping smaller brands, picking a faster lane, and a million miles traveled

Barbara Zinn MooreAn incredible and storied career path, a new consulting business, an interest in helping smaller brands, CEW, favorite products, customer loyalty to a few products, “the cult classics”, a parallel with fast fashion, why indie beauty is rising quickly, being able to address speed of innovation and picking a lane faster to market, and why not taking chances can be deadly. Is DIY in makeup going to be a “thing”? Plus, personal questions with “Hitting the Pan” cover growing up in Jersey City and a million miles traveled around the world.

029 – April Franzino of Good Housekeeping – Standard of Trust

Testing, inspiring, creating trust, and trend-watching beauty at “Good Housekeeping”…

April Franzino, Beauty Director at “Good Housekeeping” Magazine at Hearst Magazines, joins hosts Julie Fredrickson, Regina Gwynn, and guest host Abby Wallach (Co-Founder of ScentInvent – Episode 025) for a conversation about in-house resources, a 132-year legacy, editorial decision-making, Franzino’s lens on the beauty industry, and more. Recorded at MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser.

Big resources with an Institute and a lab, watching for trends, and products and ingredient testing

Franzino discusses “Good Housekeeping” having 132 years as one of the standards of whom you trust, taking the best of what is in the market from mass, niche, and prestige brands, looking for what works for readers, and how reaching Millennials is more of a multifaceted approach via website, social media, and reacting to things happening in cultural conversation. The opportunity to take a deep dive into things, such as utilizing the Good Housekeeping Institute and beauty lab, plus the Good Housekeeping Seal, and doing market work and seeing what’s happening before it hits in coming months. How Franzino has taken to Instagram, how it mirrors a magazine with text and images. She reflects on the entire floor in Hearst Tower including the Good Housekeeping Institute, test kitchens, tech abs, appliances, and a lab just for beauty with two scientists and chemists led by a PhD–all testing for editorial or testing applicants for the Good Housekeeping Seal. Looking at new launches, sometimes one-off innovations, or a new ingredient or texture, seeing beginning of trends then pitching an idea that incorporates use of the lab. Smaller publishers and bloggers can seems like payola, and the challenge of tracking attention to those smaller mentions. Franzino touches on how all tests are “blinded”, and a panel of 10,000 women testers. Spotting trends, and when tests don’t go well (such as magnetic face masks), and when they the exceed expectations.

Testing as a personal style, ingredients vs. formula, and natural vs. synthetic ingredients

What the Good Housekeeping Seal means, the Ask April feature, readers asking questions with a lot on the vexing question of skin care, and a lot of makeup questions, plus which anti aging products work best. What Franzino is loving and wearing and where she finds things she incorporates into her look, constantly testing new things, loving hair masks, from Bumble and Bumble Creme De Cocoa, to leave-in conditioner, smoothing cream on dry hair, facial closing cream using olive oil, Oribe Supershine light moisturizing cream, the challenges of using mascara you’ve never tried before, changing looks vs. signature look, and not having a blow dryer. Franzino reveals how the most important thing to the reader is skin care, and how fragrance plays into it all and why it is tricky to write about. Ingredients vs. formula, what is really natural and what is accurate and transparent, and why “Good Housekeeping” typically doesn’t report on “naturalness”. And, does synthetic actually mean “bad”?

Coming full circle, Hoboken, and being the best you

How Franzino got her start in publishing and beauty, being attracted to the best marriage of science, research, art, expression, excitement, compelling opportunities, innovation, and constant evolution. And how she came full circle to “Good Housekeeping”. Personal Questions with a round of Hitting the Pan cover being a Jersey girl, a vote for Hoboken, hiking, reading and having a library card, and live music, being a “mini-mom” her whole life, and living in an artistic family. Plus — doing what makes you feel like the best and true version of yourself.

028 – Beauty and Innovation – The Rise of the New Beauty Industry

Innovation, trends, marketing, and technology in the changing beauty industry presented by 24 Seven Talent …

Milk Makeup, Refinery 29, IT Cosmetics, Credo Beauty, and Tribe Dynamics join a panel hosted by 24 Seven Talent and moderated by TrendSeeder, on what’s happening around the beauty industry from innovation and technology to trends and marketing strategies. Panel co-sponsored by Davis and Gilbert, LLC and Mouth Media Network (powered by Sennheiser).


Hallie Johnston – Senior Vice President, Client Services and Strategy, Branded Content – ‎Refinery29, Inc.

Scott Sassa, Chairman – Milk Makeup

Conor Begley, Co-Founder – Tribe Dynamics

Allison Slater Ray – SVP of Marketing for IT Cosmetics

Hadria Wong – VP, Finance/Real Estate – Credo Beauty

Avani Patel, Founder/CEO – TrendSeeder (Moderator)

Disruption, market shifts, the changing face of beauty, and why some brands are behind

The panel discusses the beauty business being disrupted by technology, and the biggest innovations, the ability to raise capital, communicate faster, the impact of influencers, how the increased ability to publish authentic opinions results in shifts in the market to more direct players — causing bigger brands to question their distribution models — and the changing face of beauty today. They touch on how the beauty world has changed, the volume of information, the next likely big disruptor reacting to how products are made, who is “doing it” really well, why it matters being transparent and authentic, why some big beauty brands are behind, and the way people are talking about brands.

Making a success, relationships, healthier ingredients, data, and getting back to basics

Next, the group touches on what makes a brand successful, functioning in a world where great products are created by how people learn about things, creating relationships with publishers and influencers, delivering more value, how the Internet rewards greatness, and looking at content serviceability and inspiration. Then they move onto what’s changing the world of beauty, how manufacturing technologies have allows brands to build products without bad ingredients, valuing a focus on fundamentals and relationships, a requirement for great products and giving consumers great experiences, more and more data points, and the danger of getting too tied up with technology and missing the basics of building a business.

Consumer experience, future-proofing, and finding the right talent for a changing industry

Lastly, points are made on fulfilling demand with the right consumer experiences that gets consumers more interested, future-proofing business by getting roadmaps directly from the consumer via social media, and the type of talent needed in the beauty world given the changing landscape – including looking beyond just beauty experience, tech, finance, the need for everyone to be a content producer, hiring people who know the products from the inside, and not just a search for marketers.


027 – Ken Landis of Landis Capital – Succeeding From the Gut

Starting, growing, and investing in beauty businesses…

Ken Landis, Investor, Entrepreneur, investor, CEO of Landis Capital (which provides seed, early, and later stage venture investments in consumer products, e-commerce and enterprise companies with a focus in technology, fashion, wellness and beauty (Landis’profile)), and Co-Founder of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, talks about getting involved where he can provide value with hosts Julie Fredrickson, Stephanie Betzler and Regina Gwynn in the MouthMedia Network Studios powered by Sennheiser.

The power of relationships with retailers, breaking through the noise, and a probiotic snack

Landis discusses being able to start companies with a small amount of capital, how it is only partly about investing in machinery and inventory, and largely about relationships with retailers. He talks working with a lot of early stage companies, how it is hard to break through the noise, hard to set yourself up for success in traditional retail, why special relationships matter, or bypassing retail and going directly to the consumer. How 20% at least must be spent on sell-through support, why staffing in stores is so critical for avoiding gaps in the chain of communication. And Landis shares an incredible probiotic snack from TULA Skincare (a skin care brand based on probiotic tech) which launched on QVC online.

Cannabis and beauty, feeling better and looking better, and whether Bobbi Brown could succeed today

How many top ingredients in skin care all started as an internal ingestible, consumers are concerned about what’s ingested and what they are putting on their skin, why the doctor for Tula is a gastroenterologist, ingestibles and health. How Landis invested company in California called Papa and Barkley, with cannabis based products starting with medical-based, and a cannabis based soak. Regulatory obstacles, and the strategy of licensing agreements. Why now is a good time to establish a brand in that sector to gain some traction because big guys can’t get in, pain relief and how cannabis and beauty can live together, cannabis as an anti inflammatory and anti itch solution, a focus on health care, and how stress isn’t pretty. Looking good comes from feeling good. Putting our focus on feeling better so we look better, and how this equates to needing less makeup. Combining beauty and finance, how Landis loves being inspired by young people and hearing eye popping ideas. And — given where the industry is now, could Bobbi Brown succeed currently?

Knowing greatness, the key to a good failure, and a painful golf story

Personal questions with Hitting Pan cover knowing something is great, investing in an entrepreneur who is open enough to know when to pivot and change, the key to a good failure, why the key to early stage investing is to start small, and a painful golf story. And — starting small.


026 – The Salon Guy – Stylist Bounty Hunter

Creating content in the beauty industry on YouTube with The Salon Guy…

Stephen Marinaro (a.k.a The Salon Guy), hair stylist and media personality, who focuses on bringing fashion, beauty, inspiration, and entertainment to millions of people — from offering style advice to chatting with stars on the red carpet, joins Julie Fredrickson and Stephanie Betzler in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser.

Creating a brand, 1200 videos, and being legitimate and authentic

Marinaro discusses how he got into the industry because a crush on a girl, became driven after reading and following a book about making a living from passion, learned how to create a brand, started putting out motivational videos on YouTube, and how he was one of first people on Internet to do hair tutorials. Starting with interviewing people, then having to connect with higher profile people, creating more than 1200 videos on YouTube, the link between content and the beauty space, the importance of authentic hair products from a person who is truly knowledgeable. Plus, what’s behind making him successful, doing the work, and being legitimate.

Influencers as entrepreneurs, repping yourself, and Scully

Content and authenticity, look at influencers—are they an entrepreneur? Why he reps himself the best, influencers and how brands are doing what they think they should but don’t know what to do with influencers, and the need for credibility. The origin of Marinaro’s nickname “Scully”, and his history as a firefighter and fugitive recovery agent.

Weapon of choice, a quinoa burger, and “thanks” vs. “why”

A round of personal questions, why his phone is his weapon of course, amazing Italian food, gaining energy by avoiding meat, devouring a quinoa burger, how you are what you eat, and how one’s brand is a reflection of yourself, and you are what you put out to the world. Having patience as an entrepreneur, being nice to people, being open to possibilities, and “thank you” instead of “why”.

025 – Abby Wallach of Scent Invent – When Fragrance Lingers

A new category in fragrance which allows fragrances to remain longer, and provides new ways for consumers to use, wear and love scent…

Abby Wallach, Co-Founder of Scent Invent technology, and an entrepreneur, executive producer and digital media expert with over twenty years of experience in the entertainment, media, beauty and fashion industries, discusses her company and the opportunity ahead with Julie Fredrickson and Stephanie Betzler in the MouthMedia Network Studios powered by Sennheiser. (Wallach’s profile)

A new idea, a chemist, and testing

Wallach shares how Scent Invent came to be, her start at a beauty PR firm and at Bergdorf Goodman, how she and her friend Caroline Fabrigas wanted to be in business together, and their idea to reinvent something in fragrance. The goal to find new ways for consumers to use, wear and love the scent. How Wallach went and saw co-founder Fabrigas’ chemist, they created a formula and tested it on many people including FIT students, Sniffapalooza (an event-based group of fragrance aficionados), and a clinical test.

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024 – Kelly Kovack of BeautyMatter – A Matter of the Beauty Industry

Beauty industry intelligence and information with BeautyMatter…

Kelly Kovack, Founder/CEO/Editor in Chief of BeautyMatter (an essential daily resource for beauty industry insiders, brand managers, strategists, executives, and entrepreneurs, who demand the most current beauty intelligence from around the Internet all in one place) and consultant for end to end consumers of beauty (profile), joins Julie Fredrickson , Regina Gwynn, and Stephanie Betzler at the MouthMedia Network Studios powered by Sennheiser.

Launching beauty brands, the strain of growth, and a fortuitous snack

Kovack discusses juggling creation of a significant amount of content, covering deals in the space, being part of original exec team of Bliss, how she was told it not possible to sell beauty products by mail, and her interested in unexplored territories. The difficulty of launching a beauty brand, and how BeautyMatter breaks down high-level important details of the transaction. How it has never been easier to scale a beauty brand and be competitive with the big guys, the way production runs get bigger as you grow which creates financial crunches but the new brand is too small to raise money outside of angels. And a fortuitous snack relating to coconut represents life in many ways.

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