005 – Sue Phillips of Scenterprises – A Fragrance Journey

Custom bespoke fragrances with Scenterprises…

Sue Phillips (bio), Founder of Scenterprises (a global consultancy in the area of product development, creative marketing, strategic brand building and custom perfume events for bridal, team building and corporate events, and The Scentarium, New York’s premier custom perfumery), joins Julie Fredrickson (Co-Founder and CEO of Stowaway Cosmetics) , Regina Gwynn (Co-Founder/CEO of Tressnoire), and Stephanie Betzler (Digital Strategist of Trendalytics) for an interview about custom fragrances.

Tiffany and Lancome, the bespoke trend, and creating a sensory experience

Phillips has a thoughtful “snack time” with natural colors of fruit, food and flavor related to sense of smell, fragrance and flavor, symbolizing the history of perfume with croissants, and the texture with fruit. She talks coming from South Africa and training at Elizabeth Arden, doing seminars for people, getting to see what America is all about by traveling around the US, then working as Marketing Director for Lancome, followed up by developing and launching the first Tiffany perfume for the brand’s 150th anniversary and heading up their fragrance marketing. How she developed fragrances for various brands, looking at the current trend of celebrity scents, and how Phillips decided bespoke would be the next trend and started doing custom fragrances. How she 3 years ago opened Scentarium. Making it experiential, how a fragrance makes you feel special, engaging with the senses with music, food, art, to make the world feel and smell wonderful. How social media can connect, interactivity and experientially, creating multi-sensory experiences, how colors are integral to emotion and memory, how scent can elevate mood, and Phillips’ scent personality quiz.

Fragrance families, celebrity fragrances, and digital scent technology

Phillips reviews the eight different fragrance families and whittles them down to four categories: fresh, florals, woodsy, and Oriental. The process of determining and constructing the custom fragrances, the difference in women’s and men’s fragrances, the meaning of sillage, whether scent is about scent at all, how the power of scents trigger memories, the process of gaining a “scent power”, and creating a “scentertaining experience”. Consideration that a backlash on celebrity fragrances makes it difficult to select what you like, complaints of allergies and headaches, and how the Scentarium offers a high-end, natural quality. The fact that 40% of Phillips’ fragrance business is with men, how fragrances are high profit for beauty industry and, when relying on fragrance to make money for rest of the business, how custom fragrances can impact that. Designing fragrances online, working on an app to digitalize fragrances, and the possibilities of digital scent technology.

America wants fresh and clean, lobster in Spain, and an indulgent last meal

A personal scent gets people stopping Phillips in the streets, the American demand for fresh and clean, an extraordinary daughter, Spain and lobster and travel, and an exquisite and indulgent last meal.



  1. Sue Phillips March 23, 2017 at 5:52 pm

    It was wonderful meeting all of you and thankyou for the opportunity to be interviewed by your show to talk about the magic and power of Scent. The ladies asked very thought provoking questions! To all viewers listen to the end of the show as we have a PROMOTION to create your own fragrance at a significant discount! Contact us to redeem and create your own signature scent!

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