006 – Francesco Tortora of Gillette – The 100 Year Old Cutting Edge Startup

Razor and shaving products for men with Gillette…

Francesco Tortora (bio), Global Brand Director for Gillette, Regina Gwynn (Co-Founder/CEO of Tressnoire), Rob Sanchez and Marc Raco on location at Millennial 20/20 Summit in New York City.

100 years and counting, a Vatican partnership, and ritual moments

Tortora discusses the 110+ years old men’s brand, how one’s mirror reflection is a trigger of change, and the ethos of capturing the starting again and resetting physically and mentally, along with the beauty of touching the lives of people and improving them. He touches on making those few minutes each day of self-care perfect for everyone regardless of economic status. The millennial focus, and the introduction of existing brands against new brands in a more crowded grooming market, and making sure the power of the values stay true, a human truth. Tortora mentions a partnership with Vatican to restore dignity, how access to information is different and there is no way to hide behind other things, and long-successful brands’ determination to be saying what you mean and meaning what you say. Creating and capturing ritual moments, serving 7-800 Million men worldwide with many different passion points, and tapping into key moments in various cultures.

Beards are good, envisioning facial hair in an app, and marketing partnerships

How beards have re-trended in the last five years, how that is actually productive for Gillette, how there is now more intention in what guys do and in thinking about beard as a way to express themselves, how guys play with that, and how that shows how important the grooming business is. People with facial hair spend more in time and products taking care of that. Need a better blade because shaving more sensitive places. A recently launched an app in Germany with Brown that allows men to envision themselves in facial hair and to define how he wants to look and how to shape the hair. Looking across every platform, not ignoring big scale reach or the smaller platforms, and wanting to be present wherever the guys are. The relevance of guys into sports, partnering with e-sports companies as a completely new segment of passions, engaging millions of men, and as a very relevant and upcoming trend. The “razor maker” capability to design and 3d print live your own personalized razors at events, staying top-of-mind over competitors using entertainment partnerships in films like “James Bond”, “The Avengers”, and “Star Wars”.

Women too, Millennials, and what a “real man” is

Razors for women, gifting, marketing to US vs. other countries, how type of needs differ across the world including biological differences which result in 9-10 different technologies. The challenges of getting product in hands of consumers in some areas and limited access to water. An inexpensive, single blade, safer solution in India is a latest innovation. How the modern world serves a century-old brand by providing simply more opportunities to show what you’re dong than in the past, and what Tortora is seeking at the Millennial 20/20 Summit. Personal questions in a round of “Hitting the Pan” cover an emotional shaving moment with dad, the best clam chowder on Boston, and whether there is there even such a thing as a “real man”? Plus a brand new marketing campaign in the making?


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