007 – Tiffany Lin of CoverFX – Complexion Without Complexity

Customizable cosmetics focusing on skin care with CoverFX…

Tiffany Lin (bio), VP of Marketing & Ecommerce at CoverFX Skincare Inc (a company creating makeup products to help users look their best while actually improving their skin over time) joins Julie Fredrickson (Co-Founder and CEO of Stowaway Cosmeticsbio), Stephanie Betzler (Digital Strategist of Trendalyticsbio) and Sam Shah (CEO of Swheybio).

Leading in customization, a cult following, and company roots

Lin covers CoverFX’s offerings as healthy, good for you, hard working products, caring about ingredients and innovation, and all customizable. The ability to make one’s own foundation and liquid highlighters. Being a leader in customization, such as taking an existing routine and add a drop to customize it. How one’s skin changes daily, requiring a different approach daily. The new idea of luxury being freedom, and having a product that works for you. Working with 200 members of beauty community to get feedback on new products, developing a cult following, with a direct to consumer relationship. Color cosmetics that about skin care, having roots in marriage of skincare and cosmetics with one of the co-founders Vic Casale, former Chief Chemist of MAC Cosmetics.

Undertone, shade, and using the neck

Strategies to market for complexion products, and the impact of a system to classify shades by undertone. Explaining how woman can discover and understand undertones, online and offline, and building an online “shadefinder”. The most and least common undertones, and the current on-trend look. The subjective nature of shade and how it is a mixture of art and science and why it is meant to create an even canvas. Using one’s neck to get the most accurate skin tone and why looking at the face might not be accurate. A huge emphasis on education for the consumer online, with focus on ingredients and how to use products.

The unicorn makeup trend, retailer value-adds, and becoming president

A just-launched illumination collection with custom enhancer drops, an illuminator setting spray, “unicorn” makeup as a trend, holographic drops, and making trends not scary. Online beauty sales as the next frontier, how retail partners are important relationships to maintain with care, raising the tide for all ships and supporting the retailers along with CoverFX in general, what value-add each retailer brings to the table, how unique content works well, tailoring efforts with each retailer, investing in media and content, and where the highest ROI is. The growth of the Instagram audience by 4X, the effectiveness of influencers, and how influencers can drive trends which result in impulse buys. Becoming president, the value of computer science, the paths one could have taken, face-masks, a must-read, decision-making and willpower.

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