008 – Shaun Thomas Gibson of Chic Studios – Those Who Can Do, Teach

Makeup artistry and instruction…

Shaun Thomas Gibson (bio), independent makeup artist and makeup artist instructor at CHICSTUDIOS, joins Julie Fredrickson (Co-Founder and CEO of Stowaway Cosmetics), Stephanie Betzler (Digital Strategist at Trendalytics), and Regina Gwynn (Co-Founder/CEO of TresseNoire) at the VoyagerHQ studio.

Drag queens, symmetry and balance, and a partnership

Gibson shares how an education in industrial design, doing molds of people, living with drag queens, observing them playing around with beauty makeup, led to a career in makeup artistry. How training other makeups artists is a privilege to share and a way of giving back to the next generation of makeups artists, how the characteristics of other makeup artists include an eye for symmetry, seeing balance, an eye for complimentary colors, and how intimacy and trust call for someone who can be disarming. The way conversation makes people feel comfortable, and always visually presenting in a way that make people have confidence in fashion choices and knowing what one’s doing. Gibson mentions how one can be anyone desired using these tools, and how makeup is a partnership with the artist and subject. Foundations, brows, and brands great for longevity. Plus, an impressive Snack Time!

New tools, the new social media age, and style preferences

Taking tools traditionally for illustrators and painters and using them for makeup, using them for liquid liners, and then multi-use makeup pens from Clarins, making it easier for techniques that are hard to do, precision graphics. How training makeups artists is different in social media age as so much info is out there, theatrical brows, cut creases, the challenge of teaching techniques to students with their own distinct style preferences.

Al Gore and Mariah Carey, gel bronzer, and Star Trek

The wish for a makeup that doesn’t require a touch up, and an easy way to clean brushes. How careers as a makeup artist are changing because of social media, and what consumers don’t understand about being a makeup artist. Working as a makeup artist with agencies, working with Al Gore, on the Mariah Carey tour, brands, and why patience and self-motivation are important due to market saturation. And how there are so many avenues to be a makeup artist including growing web content, and plenty of market for makeup artists. A round of “Hitting the Pan” personal questions covers being inspired by Michael Jackson and gel bronzer misunderstanding, Deep Space Nine, “drag races”, and creating community.


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