009 – Sam Shah of SWHEY – Beauty from the Inside Out

Nutrition-inspired beauty with SWHEY…

Sam Shah, Founder/CEO of SWHEY (a new type of beauty brand that inspires your allure from the inside — self-confidence through properly formulated nourishment) (bio), joins Julie Fredrickson (Co-Founder and CEO of Stowaway Cosmeticsbio), Stephanie Betzler (Digital Strategist of Trendalyticsbio), and Marc Raco (host of Fashion Is Your Business podcast – bio) at the MouthMedia Network Studio at VoyagerHQ.

Alkaline vs. acidity, how we approach nutrition, and the journey to results

Shah touches on how we get “inner glow” and “inner radiance”, alkaline vs. acidity levels, obtaining higher alkaline levels, the importance of bile and how it helps eliminate toxins, effects of raising the level of acidity, how acidic foods can be pro-alkaline and what a proper level is, the value prop of SWHEY, how the amount of food needed to achieve the same level as SWHEY is too much to eat, and how much appearance and reputation relate to how we approach nutrition. Why journey and the experience to the results matters, jars vs. pills, relationships to products, and SWHEY’s three products Alkamist (35 alkaline agreements), Halo (protein), Helix (detox), and how the FDA fits into it all.

Company origins, deserving shelf space, and the philosophy of equity

The genesis of the company and how team has been built, forming a path forward, how Shah’s childhood sales of stolen sodas inspired entrepreneurialism, creating trading and consulting companies in 20s, and how an idea while watching a football game was supported by a friend and a bodybuilding passion led to starting “Dollar Shave Club” for protein, pursuing a women’s market because of a market gap, and Julie’s powerlifting. There are not a lot of options for women that don’t look like they are made for someone else, most women who casually take protein shakes and enjoy cosmetics do it for self confidence and looking good and fit, the increasing trend to look good based on nutrition and health and beauty supplements, profit center vs. change of thinking, how being educated and informed changes the buying habits of consumers, and with not finishing cosmetics there are other categories that can be finished. Being seen as deserving shelf space is a challenge, how tinkering message slowed progress for SWHEY, educating the consumer as a priority, a digital strategy with an educational component, a lack of success with Facebook advertising, and seeking more B-to-B strategic partnerships. Instead of jockeying for shelf space, be a part of an existing brand’s already intended sales creating higher average order value, help others sell product to be seen as a needed partner, and a brand is coming in with built in audiences and finding another touch point. The Ferrari of nutritional supplements vs. the Chanel of nutritional supplements. Starting a B-to-B journey, how finding bloggers who have intimate relationships result in the most engagement. Building a SWHEY community and offering the community to other brands. How SWHEY started at first peak with 13 people, then realized when running lean have to let them go. Having a certain DNA for startup life, with 2-year old twins and the kind of money Shah has put in, having a great advisory team, and how brands evolve. R and D strategy, and the philosophy of giving up equity.

Changing trajectory, movie-worthy love story, and why kids are startups

Hitting the Pan personal questions get emotional and covers a cousin who was a major influence in Shah’s life, changing the trajectory of you life, helping others to better their lives, living a remarkable love story, the value of “why it is” and asking the right questions, a potential for partnership, and why children are like startups.

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