010 – Lisa Marie Ringus of 24 Seven – A Beautiful Game of Thrones

Tech-minded recruitment of top talent in the beauty industry with 24 Seven Talent…

Lisa Marie Ringus, EVP and Head of Global Sales for 24 Seven, a multi-vertical global talent recruitment firm (bio), joins hosts Alesia Lanzo (Director of Global Marketing and Product Development for L’Oreal), Regina Gwynn (Co-Founder of Tresse Noire), Karen Moon (Co-Founder of Trendalytics) and Marc Raco (Host of Fashion Is Your Business) in front of a live audience on location at Lovage in New York City. Sponsored by InstaSleep Mint Melts, AE Herman Associates, and 24 Seven. Music by Girl on Top and Heather Edwards.

Hiring to drive business, retention, and intrapreneurs

Ringus discusses technology being integrated into creative arts industries, considering any impact of talent making their own companies, creating opportunities for new talent, rising stats and challengers of business, a new crop in play, the need to challenge clients, how showcase talent is new, and the need to be challenging both sides. Creating filters to keep people out of a recruitment equation who are not top notch. Hiring for someone who will drive your business, and focusing on people for the future of the business not for problems of today. Make sure you have something meaningful to contribute if you’re in the room. Retention is expensive, propelling employees to move within a company instead of out, how do you find a person who fits, how the movement of talent is healthy, how training and development doesn’t keep people moving forward, and candidates with entrepreneurial intentions using employment to gather intel for their own ventures, embracing talent so they have a voice, needing good coaches and mentors, “intrapreneurs”, and the choice of embracing the culture or being willing to do something to change.

What employees want, a flipped pyramid, and acquisition vs. authenticity

Digital team building, challenge for corporation is maintaining great people with skills, despite incubators and programs. Employees want everything to be perfect, areas in technology that are the future, and so many people hiring for today, not tomorrow. Employees want a diversity of work, want higher promise of career growth not the fluff, a brand they can believe in and work for. Product innovation, example of the investment in building the Dyson hairdryer, how there are more and more hires in analytics, executives are challenged and charged with being innovators and having to learn from everyone around them. The pyramid has flipped, seeing skill sets valuable for certain systems, seeking creative inspired person who can spark innovation, vs. technical person understanding how technical tools work, and now seeking comingled or how they can be valuable for certain positions. The need to learn from everyone around you, and no longer one type of person or the other. The evolution of workplace teams, and types of employees changing company culture, a force of culture due to acquisition, more jobs than there is talent, and the happy medium of keeping innovative culture that kept companies successful. Authenticity will catch up with pace of acquisition.

Vikings, glamping and giving credit to Mom

A round of personal questions with “Hitting the Pan” brings Vikings, Sweden, experiencing beauty, glamping, New York vs. Minneapolis, starting at News Corp, a bit of credit to Mom, enjoying the ride, and being yourself.


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