011 – Tim Pearson of Kryolan – Making Up Is Art to Do

Makeup artistry, application and ingredients…

Tim Pearson, Head Makeup Artist of Kryolan City NY, and Founder of beauT.life (bio), joins Julie Fredrickson (Co-Founder and CEO of Stowaway Cosmeticsbio) and Stephanie Betzler (Digital Strategist of Trendalyticsbio), at the MouthMedia Network Studio at VoyagerHQ.

A wide-ranging heritage brand, a drag dare, and politics vs. beauty

Pearson discusses Kryolan as a pioneer in cosmetics and a heritage brand 70 years old, his work at Kryolan City NY, the fourth location in the US, and his additional current role as the founder of a skin care company with products also good for hair and scalp. He talks about the third-generation family-owned company out of Berlin, with manufacturing in Germany, the UK, and San Francisco, a presence in 85 countries around the world, and products from beauty makeup, special effects, theatrical makeup, etc., his work as the only head makeup person in the US, and a focus on beauty and education. His start in Alabama, how a dare initiated years of experiences in drag, how he tried to get a job in MAC Cosmetics couldn’t because of lacking experience in cosmetics retail, GNBH, and how much Kryolan powers private labels. The competitive pageant scene in the South, what the mainstream was in the drag community, how much cosmetics are trend- driven, why makeup doesn’t recognize heritage from drag culture, what’s powerful about the drag community, and how anyone can enjoy and create with makeup. Plus, how politics are affecting beauty industry.

Natural ingredients, complexion products, and foundation misconceptions

“Cleanse , tone, and moisturize” and “free gift with purchase”, and how using natural ingredients and avoiding chemicals can result in best results and even improved shelf life. Carrier oils, Jojoba, how grape seed oil mimics the skin’s natural oils, prepping a face for makeup application, thinking about finding a perfect complexion product, and not going to find just one color or foundation, and how that can be different lines. Considering complexion from a palette perspective, the building of a pallet, and how foundation is not for creating an even complexion. Dermacolor, the flexibility of mixing, looking for a healthy glow in makeup, and using oil as a mixing medium.

Makeup artists as a data source, Face Lace, and different Sea Buckthorns

Having a vantage point as a makeup artist when working at the brand level, being a data resource that is a meta position in the field, and existing up and down the value chain. How Kryolan is getting back into trade shows, the largest selection of UV Day Glow on the market, “face lace”, and product testing, The concern of customers knowing what is being put on their faces, when brands and makeup artists at odds, and Pearson’s own line beauT.life with ingredients such as Jojoba Oil, sweet almond oil, avocado oil, and evening primrose. Sea Buckthorn, seed vs. berry, and a big pro tip. Personal questions with Hitting The Pan cover a surprising Obsession, scent memory, magazines and billboards, building your brand, and a really great read.


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