014 – Deanna Utroske of Cosmetics Design – The Newest and Newsiest in Beauty

Cosmetics formulation and packaging news…

Deanna Utroske, Senior Correspondent for CosmeticsDesign.com (Breaking News on Cosmetics Formulation & Packaging in North America – (bio)), joins Julie Fredrickson and Stephanie Betzler at the MouthMedia Network studios.

Trends, food as a trend driver, and the chemist’s perspective

Utroske discusses sorting out what most recent news is, trends driving change of transparency, simplicity and the magnitude of indie beauty. Food as a trend driver, ingredients moving from food to beauty, the chemist’s perspective on chemical-free beauty, and the need and effectiveness of consumer education.

8 Greens, package innovation, and brow trends

Cos Bar research retail therapy, and “8 Greens” effervescent tablet. Packaging companies innovating to help packaging itself preserve products, from dispensers to wands, changing the way we think about packaging, how gel has come a long way, keeping products cleaner, and the growth in the active beauty space. How can consumers make everything around them the most effective, the absence of a proper brow solution and regularly changing brow trends, bio-based ingredients and supply chains, designer yeasts, “postbiotics”, a B-to-B Indie niche, and dry sheet masks.

Liquid mercury, Ira Glass, and Monday columns

A round of “Hitting the Pan” personal questions covers bare-handed liquid mercury in high school chemistry, a coveted Italian restaurant, people-watching, and industry celebrity sightings, Ira Glass, and Monday columns.