016 – Amanda Baldwin of Supergoop! – Putting the Fun in Sun

Sunscreen lotion, makeup setting spray, and mousse with Supergoop!…

Amanda Baldwin of Supergoop! Amanda Baldwin, President at Supergoop! (a prestige skincare brand 100% dedicated to suncare, making it easy to incorporate UV protection into the daily routine – (bio)), joins Julie Fredrickson , Regina Gwynn and Stephanie Betzler at the MouthMedia Network studios.

The mission against skin cancer, evolving consumer behavior, and the challenge of SPF

Amanda Baldwin of Supergoop! Baldwin shares Supergoop’s mission to reduce skin cancer, why 84 % of women don’t use daily SPF, how Supergoop! adds SPF with cleanest ingredients, how skin cancer is the most common cancer (1 in 5 Americans), how the company was founded by a teacher and mom so a lot of Supergoop’s products and activities are focused on kids. The spray version, how evolving consumer behavior is not easy, and approaching products fun and feel good and innovative. How the original product was put into school classroom, SPF as a challenging category because of being regulated by the FDA, expensive testing, and how that factors into product development.

From Wall Street to Supergoop!, a fun snack, and sunscreen for people of color

Amanda Baldwin of Supergoop! How Baldwin decided to join the brand, how she was brand lover formerly on Wall Street, then invested in retail businesses, realized she was on wrong side of the table, seeing brands having more fun, worked at LVMH, and how Supergoop! was a marketing gift. And snack time brings strawberries (healthy), and beach and summer themed cookies (fun). SPF 50, and sunscreen issues for people of color, learning more about how to get all women of all skin tones to understand different types of sunscreen, and how education is part of core process.

Messaging away from core purpose, balance, and sunscreen in schools

Amanda Baldwin of Supergoop! UVA vs. UVB, why skin cancer isn’t embedded in messaging, and making it fun helps people change habits, and giving sunscreens to schools. What her three-year old son has taught her, swing jumping, gymnastics, and changing the center of gravity, balance, Lake Michigan, and Julie sings a new jingle.

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