018 – Erika Shumate of Pinrose – Quirky Elegance, Spiky Cloud

Fragrances using synesthesia for personalized scent style with Pinrose…

Erika Shumate, Co-founder of Pinrose (a luxury fragrance brand based in San Francisco with the vision to make high quality fragrance a playful, effortless, everyday experience for the modern millennial – (bio)) joins Julie Fredrickson, Regina Gwynn and Stephanie Betzler at the MouthMedia Network studios.

Fun and experimentation, Petals, and moods and emotions

Shumate discusses three-year-old Pinrose’s 14 fragrances, the goal to bring high end fragrance and strip away the idea that a woman has to have a signature scents, and to allow her to have fun and experiment. Why getting out of the box is part of the Pinrose story, and discovering Petals — the little fragrance wipes, perfect amount. How the approach gives customers more control, and why you try a fragrance on the back of your hand. How investors often don’t understand the way women use cosmetics, how Pinrose put the fragrance line together, celebrating each women’s moods and personas (i.e. Wild Child, Pillow Talk Poet), promoting moods and emotions for clients, and seeing people responding to colorful nature of the line.

Making a woman the star, describing scent, and vanilla

Making the woman the star of her own show. How to describe scent. Plus, gluten free donuts for Snack Time, and when pumpkin and Snickerdoodles got married. The challenge of describing scents, and the need for a vocabulary for smell. Trying to say scent is one thing is not constructive, and why it is better to say why you are smelling it in the description, for emotional resonance. Spiky vs. round, the need for a more soft and feminine citrus, mixing fragrances, and why vanilla is such a pleasing scent.

Synesthesia, a quiz produces data, and the “mom smell”

Synesthesia and its importance to fragrance brands, partnering with Sephora and transitioning to working with wholesalers and working with retail spaces. A quiz to collect data, why Pinrose started online, and how the customer and engaged community are helping shape the brand. A child’s question leads to a life path and building a company, helping friends shop for fragrances, an accessible industry, and the “mom smell”, and the sounds and varnish of a grade school gymnasium.

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