020 – Charlotte Cho of SoKo Glam – Caring About Skin

Korean Beauty site with Korean product…

Charlotte Cho, licensed aesthetician and cofounder of SoKo Glam (online destination that brings the best of Korean makeup and skin care, K-beauty trends, products, and innovations to a global audience – (bio)) joins Regina Gwynn , Stephanie Betzler and guest host Marc Raco (host of “Fashion Is Your Business”) at the MouthMedia Network studios.

Picky with beauty, a hypercompetitive market, and oil cleansers

Cho discusses how she personally tests and select products, 5 years of business growth and 25 employees along with husband David Cho, teaching people how to take care of their skin, being original mistaken for Kardashian Beauty, how Korean women are very picky with beauty, a hypercompetitive market with consumers comparing ingredients and talking to friends, how brand names don’t matter on South Korea, the very savvy consumer base, the brands’ need to constantly wow the consumer leading to a continuing cycle of innovation, and how consumers have the power vs. a US market resting on laurels, and loving oil cleansers that are misunderstood in the US.

Sunscreen, Choco Pie, and checking ingredients

Sunscreen and how Asian women very scared of sun, the many layers of skin care regiment daily and how the industry relies on it, and why taking care of skin is of value beyond health. Plus, Choco Pie. The Klog (a blog to communicate with consumers and educate), checking ingredients formulation from manufacturers, Best of K Beauty award, building relationships with brands and getting insider knowledge, and the way and reason Cho attained an aesthetician license, protecting credibility as a brand.

Skin care in the military, creating communities, and … a book

Obstacles in the future after reaching this level of growth, the challenge of growing the team, how partner and husband’s military service lends to running a business, and skincare realities in the military. Protecting skin from the sun, and having good skin days ahead for all. Personal questions with “Hitting the Pan” cover sport teams, Thailand, creating communities, an immigrant family’s liquor store creates a learning experience, going for it with any idea one has, and the value of trying an idea and working hard at it. And, Cho’s book .


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