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017 – Celebrity Makeup Artist and Global Beauty Culture Lover Stephanie Flor – The Common Thread of Beauty

Celebrity makeup artistry and global beauty secrets

Stephanie Flor, celebrity makeup artist to stars like Mariah Carey, Kathy Griffin, and Sting and founder of aroundtheworldbeauty.com (a beauty tour company to travel world and unlock the world’s best-kept beauty secrets, one destination at a time – (bio)), joins Julie Fredrickson , Regina Gwynn and Stephanie Betzler at the MouthMedia Network studios.

Beauty origins, balance, and beyond the face

Flor discusses consideration of the last five sources of beauty, the origins of beauty, her show on Latina.com “Sacred Beauty” about keeping beauty rituals alive, her balance between photo shoots and tours, and the need to take a moment to understand how beautiful it is to see beauty beyond what you put on your face.

Zanzabar, power, and styles and rituals across the globe

The consideration of “what is beauty?” Finding all types of cultures covered, seeking to feel empowered, a common thread of beauty, favorite places in the world, Zanzabar’s incredible beauty rituals, feeling powerful from makeup vs. when depending on it reduces power, different global reasons for using makeup, and where the styles and rituals came from.

Makeup artistry for celebs, the beauty in everything, and the Jennifer Lopez glow

Celebrity beauty, living vicariously through the rich and famous, how it is important never to get lost in the glamour and it takes patience with how industry is changing, making sure something doesn’t leak out it because it can change a celebrity’s life, and taking care in keeping the celebrity pristine in appearance and keeping the confidentiality, along with the business and opportunities of being a celebrity makeup artist in a changing industry. Being a makeup artist vs. someone putting on makeup. Seeing the beauty in everything, why less is more, what a seasoned artist can do, leaving a legacy behind in the beauty industry, and why being Latina has mattered to her career. And, (shocker) a Star Trek reference. And personal questions in “Hitting the Pan” cover a new mindset from “Think and Grow Rich”, transforming something awful into beauty, how not seizing a long-awaited opportunity propels self development, and a Jennifer Lopez wish.

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