024 – Kelly Kovack of BeautyMatter – A Matter of the Beauty Industry

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Kelly Kovack, Founder/CEO/Editor in Chief of BeautyMatter (an essential daily resource for beauty industry insiders, brand managers, strategists, executives, and entrepreneurs, who demand the most current beauty intelligence from around the Internet all in one place) and consultant for end to end consumers of beauty (profile), joins Julie Fredrickson , Regina Gwynn, and Stephanie Betzler at the MouthMedia Network Studios powered by Sennheiser.

Launching beauty brands, the strain of growth, and a fortuitous snack

Kovack discusses juggling creation of a significant amount of content, covering deals in the space, being part of original exec team of Bliss, how she was told it not possible to sell beauty products by mail, and her interested in unexplored territories. The difficulty of launching a beauty brand, and how BeautyMatter breaks down high-level important details of the transaction. How it has never been easier to scale a beauty brand and be competitive with the big guys, the way production runs get bigger as you grow which creates financial crunches but the new brand is too small to raise money outside of angels. And a fortuitous snack relating to coconut represents life in many ways.

Retail is very much alive, a curated mall, a missed opportunity with physical stores

How retail is definitely not dead, and some brands are and will go out of business, how a level-setting is happening but may not be a bad thing for retail overall. Platform, an L.A. mall with a curation of tenancy, creating experiences, the issue with poor experiences in retailers and the impact of it, and how the beauty industry has thrown a lot of technology at the problem, such as “magic mirrors”, collaborations, micro-influencers in the retail store location as a face of the brand, and the shocking truth of the missed opportunity of the way brands bring freelancers into stores.

Being too transactional, an opportunity, and enabling conversation

The importance of having institutional knowledge and knowing what sales associates need to do their job, and how retail floors have become too transactional. And the huge opportunity to digitally enable the real life actions of associates to sell beauty products. Personal questions in a round of “Hitting the Pan” covers political science, philosophy, enabling people on the floor to continue the conversation, a Star Trek “tricorder”, favorite stores, and concept stores.