026 – The Salon Guy – Stylist Bounty Hunter

Creating content in the beauty industry on YouTube with The Salon Guy…

Stephen Marinaro (a.k.a The Salon Guy), hair stylist and media personality, who focuses on bringing fashion, beauty, inspiration, and entertainment to millions of people — from offering style advice to chatting with stars on the red carpet, joins Julie Fredrickson and Stephanie Betzler in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser.

Creating a brand, 1200 videos, and being legitimate and authentic

Marinaro discusses how he got into the industry because a crush on a girl, became driven after reading and following a book about making a living from passion, learned how to create a brand, started putting out motivational videos on YouTube, and how he was one of first people on Internet to do hair tutorials. Starting with interviewing people, then having to connect with higher profile people, creating more than 1200 videos on YouTube, the link between content and the beauty space, the importance of authentic hair products from a person who is truly knowledgeable. Plus, what’s behind making him successful, doing the work, and being legitimate.

Influencers as entrepreneurs, repping yourself, and Scully

Content and authenticity, look at influencers—are they an entrepreneur? Why he reps himself the best, influencers and how brands are doing what they think they should but don’t know what to do with influencers, and the need for credibility. The origin of Marinaro’s nickname “Scully”, and his history as a firefighter and fugitive recovery agent.

Weapon of choice, a quinoa burger, and “thanks” vs. “why”

A round of personal questions, why his phone is his weapon of course, amazing Italian food, gaining energy by avoiding meat, devouring a quinoa burger, how you are what you eat, and how one’s brand is a reflection of yourself, and you are what you put out to the world. Having patience as an entrepreneur, being nice to people, being open to possibilities, and “thank you” instead of “why”.

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  1. Marsha Radford May 12, 2018 at 10:57 pm

    Love your tutorials…..could you do a video on Amy Robach’s current hair cut. I just cut my bangs after viewing one of your videos. They are perfect now…thank you so much.


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