027 – Ken Landis of Landis Capital – Succeeding From the Gut

Starting, growing, and investing in beauty businesses…

Ken Landis, Investor, Entrepreneur, investor, CEO of Landis Capital (which provides seed, early, and later stage venture investments in consumer products, e-commerce and enterprise companies with a focus in technology, fashion, wellness and beauty (Landis’profile)), and Co-Founder of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, talks about getting involved where he can provide value with hosts Julie Fredrickson, Stephanie Betzler and Regina Gwynn in the MouthMedia Network Studios powered by Sennheiser.

The power of relationships with retailers, breaking through the noise, and a probiotic snack

Landis discusses being able to start companies with a small amount of capital, how it is only partly about investing in machinery and inventory, and largely about relationships with retailers. He talks working with a lot of early stage companies, how it is hard to break through the noise, hard to set yourself up for success in traditional retail, why special relationships matter, or bypassing retail and going directly to the consumer. How 20% at least must be spent on sell-through support, why staffing in stores is so critical for avoiding gaps in the chain of communication. And Landis shares an incredible probiotic snack from TULA Skincare (a skin care brand based on probiotic tech) which launched on QVC online.

Cannabis and beauty, feeling better and looking better, and whether Bobbi Brown could succeed today

How many top ingredients in skin care all started as an internal ingestible, consumers are concerned about what’s ingested and what they are putting on their skin, why the doctor for Tula is a gastroenterologist, ingestibles and health. How Landis invested company in California called Papa and Barkley, with cannabis based products starting with medical-based, and a cannabis based soak. Regulatory obstacles, and the strategy of licensing agreements. Why now is a good time to establish a brand in that sector to gain some traction because big guys can’t get in, pain relief and how cannabis and beauty can live together, cannabis as an anti inflammatory and anti itch solution, a focus on health care, and how stress isn’t pretty. Looking good comes from feeling good. Putting our focus on feeling better so we look better, and how this equates to needing less makeup. Combining beauty and finance, how Landis loves being inspired by young people and hearing eye popping ideas. And — given where the industry is now, could Bobbi Brown succeed currently?

Knowing greatness, the key to a good failure, and a painful golf story

Personal questions with Hitting Pan cover knowing something is great, investing in an entrepreneur who is open enough to know when to pivot and change, the key to a good failure, why the key to early stage investing is to start small, and a painful golf story. And — starting small.


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