028 – Beauty and Innovation – The Rise of the New Beauty Industry

Innovation, trends, marketing, and technology in the changing beauty industry presented by 24 Seven Talent …

Milk Makeup, Refinery 29, IT Cosmetics, Credo Beauty, and Tribe Dynamics join a panel hosted by 24 Seven Talent and moderated by TrendSeeder, on what’s happening around the beauty industry from innovation and technology to trends and marketing strategies. Panel co-sponsored by Davis and Gilbert, LLC and Mouth Media Network (powered by Sennheiser).


Hallie Johnston – Senior Vice President, Client Services and Strategy, Branded Content – ‎Refinery29, Inc.

Scott Sassa, Chairman – Milk Makeup

Conor Begley, Co-Founder – Tribe Dynamics

Allison Slater Ray – SVP of Marketing for IT Cosmetics

Hadria Wong – VP, Finance/Real Estate – Credo Beauty

Avani Patel, Founder/CEO – TrendSeeder (Moderator)

Disruption, market shifts, the changing face of beauty, and why some brands are behind

The panel discusses the beauty business being disrupted by technology, and the biggest innovations, the ability to raise capital, communicate faster, the impact of influencers, how the increased ability to publish authentic opinions results in shifts in the market to more direct players — causing bigger brands to question their distribution models — and the changing face of beauty today. They touch on how the beauty world has changed, the volume of information, the next likely big disruptor reacting to how products are made, who is “doing it” really well, why it matters being transparent and authentic, why some big beauty brands are behind, and the way people are talking about brands.

Making a success, relationships, healthier ingredients, data, and getting back to basics

Next, the group touches on what makes a brand successful, functioning in a world where great products are created by how people learn about things, creating relationships with publishers and influencers, delivering more value, how the Internet rewards greatness, and looking at content serviceability and inspiration. Then they move onto what’s changing the world of beauty, how manufacturing technologies have allows brands to build products without bad ingredients, valuing a focus on fundamentals and relationships, a requirement for great products and giving consumers great experiences, more and more data points, and the danger of getting too tied up with technology and missing the basics of building a business.

Consumer experience, future-proofing, and finding the right talent for a changing industry

Lastly, points are made on fulfilling demand with the right consumer experiences that gets consumers more interested, future-proofing business by getting roadmaps directly from the consumer via social media, and the type of talent needed in the beauty world given the changing landscape – including looking beyond just beauty experience, tech, finance, the need for everyone to be a content producer, hiring people who know the products from the inside, and not just a search for marketers.


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  1. Katee Degan November 21, 2017 at 7:55 pm

    I really enjoyed the relevancy of this podcast. Thank you!


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