030 – Barbara Zinn Moore – Evolution of a Beautiful Industry

A transforming beauty industry…

Barbara Zinn MooreBarbara Zinn Moore, beauty industry expert, consultant and President of Barbara Zinn Moore Associates LLC, joins Karen Moon and Regina Gwynn in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser.

A new landscape, changing floor format, K-Beauty, and picking up speed-to-market

Zinn Moore discusses how the beauty industry and real estate landscape have been changing from being brand oriented, how education and staffing have changed, the critical growing impact of artificial intelligence and cameras, smart mirrors, and customers looking for a way to walk around different departments, get various advice, and ring up in one place. The interest in changing the format of retail store floors to be more open and have the ability to walk around. The influx of K-Beauty along with fragrance growth for Asians, the need for speed-to-market to pick up, and a snack of Tate’s cookies that gets the whole room smiling.

The multicultural customer, fashion in skin care, and fading trends

Barbara Zinn MooreHow the multicultural customer is now in-charge, and why that means many different products and having what’s right for customers with tones. The evolution of storytelling, how customers want to know more about founders/vision and story behind brand. There is fashion and trend in skin care, bringing health and wellness into the world of beauty a new storytelling point that’s to come, and how male makeup is growing. Also, fading trends like over-contouring, and going back to a more natural look.

Helping smaller brands, picking a faster lane, and a million miles traveled

Barbara Zinn MooreAn incredible and storied career path, a new consulting business, an interest in helping smaller brands, CEW, favorite products, customer loyalty to a few products, “the cult classics”, a parallel with fast fashion, why indie beauty is rising quickly, being able to address speed of innovation and picking a lane faster to market, and why not taking chances can be deadly. Is DIY in makeup going to be a “thing”? Plus, personal questions with “Hitting the Pan” cover growing up in Jersey City and a million miles traveled around the world.

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