031 – Nicole Amorosino of HCT Group – Formulating and Packaging Beauty

Cutting edge innovation, design and beauty manufacturing with HCT Group…

Nicole AmorosinoNicole Amorosino of HCT Group , Vice President of Product Sales of HCT Group (a turnkey offering which conveniently manages the process from concept to creation, overseeing logistics, formulation, filling, engineering, manufacture, point of sale design and brand launch strategy), joins Julie Fredrickson, Karen Moon, and Regina Gwynn in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser.

A one-stop shop, a library, and lead time

Nicole Amorosino of HCT Group Amorosino discusses HCT as a one-stop shop, how they started with packaging, and grew to formulation, brushes, and a whole gamut of things from a conceptual view of cosmetic brand to a whole market. How designers come up with rendering for brands as to how project will look like, the value of a stock tool to move right into working with factory. Having a library, data available for new brands, how many brands share the same packaging, the value of simplistic colors, extending the shelf life of natural products (and what is actually natural), airless packaging, matching formula and packaging for a coherent whole, lead time considerations, and why luxurious trail mix is the perfect analogy.

Trends, formulation, and new materials

Nicole Amorosino of HCT Group Trend reports, customization, processing, production times cost of goods to get ahead of a new trend, the importance of knowing what you want your brand to be, getting everything together for first results in faster execution as an area of growth due to speed to market. Innovation in formulation, partnering with raw material suppliers, being the first company with new materials that can be used with cosmetics, and exploring how customers can they use that for packaging, and finding formula stability.

Turnkey, QVC, and dancing with Richard Simmons

Being turnkey, and personal questions cover Star Trek by way of the MAC Cosmetics counter, favorite collaboration with Sephora and Alexis Bittar, working with QVC, gemstone history and meanings, and why the beauty industry almost wasn’t her career. Plus, what she’d sell in a 30 min slot on QVC, and dancing with Richard Simmons?


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