032 – Hair Care Expert Fabio Scalia – Knowledge Is Great Hair

How brands may be missing the mark in quality hair care advice, the attention our hair and scalp should be receiving…

FabioFabio Scalia, hair care expert and founder of Fabio Scalia Salon, joins Julie Fredrickson, Karen Moon, and Regina Gwynn in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser.

Fabio meets Fabio, why education is crucial, and salons vs. brands

FabioEntrepreneur in wider hair space, meeting the other Fabio, curly vs. straight hair, different kinds of hair and challenges, personalizing and specializing needs for hair, allowing customers to replicate results from their visit, how product is an important aspect, doing the right research, understanding composition of products and how knowledge can give an advantage to customers to do their hair themselves. The importance of homework for hair care professionals, and how smaller cosmetic companies are taking advantage of technology and developing and editing products and getting into in niche markets. The salon as an intermediary for a brand, whether brands brainwash stylists, and how being on pulse of using content marketing helps communicate brand and mission.

Scalp care, trichology, and shampoo use

FabioScalp care, a lack of education in the industry, when Fabio starting to work at 14 in a salon in Italy, getting a license and education and being in seminars all the time. Why hair care professionals must learn, trichology (top knowledge about scalp and hair), the different scalp needs in different races and regions, and how big brands appear to have no interest in those differences. The pros and cons of using clarifying shampoos, how hair health and beauty can be highly linked to how one takes care of one’s scalp, why hair might be oily, and what one can learn from shampoo lather.

An iconic hair style, the politics of hair, and favorite places

Personal questions with a round of Hitting the Pan cover an iconic haircut style that transcends times, cultures and people, the 1950’s, the politics of hair, why Tuscany, the South of France, and New England are so special, and who inspired Fabio. Richard Branson, and going from nothing to a brand Fabio believes in.

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