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Brands focused on clean beauty, skin care, and K-Beauty…

Jeana ChungJeana Chung, Vice President of Marketing at beauty brands Knours, Missha & A’Pieu, joins Julie Fredrickson, Regina Gwynn, and Karen Moon in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser.

A sister brand, a chatbot, and data

Chung discusses launching with Nordstrom, being leaders in bringing K-Beauty to the US, beauty cream, shining a light on little sister brand A’Pieu, addressing clean beauty with the right product, how it is the right time as women are more conscious of what they are putting on faces, “having your best beauty day every day”, and a first-in-class mobile app that charts every day. Knours’ cool chatbot called “You Know” tracks how you and skin are feeling, putting hormones and mood levels into a skin regimen – “know your skin”. Can data help influence new products, extensions, and thinking about an app and whether previous insights prompted creation of the app. Plus, the most unusual non-snack snack.

K-Beauty, packaging design, and impact of certain ingredients

Jeana ChungWhen K-Beauty stopped being K-Beauty and started being best-in-class for skin care, looking to Asia for innovation, a hyperfocus on packaging which matters to younger consumers. Instagrammable packaging, being inspired by ingredients and traditions from Korean culture, helping women feel great in natural fashion. A need to consider gluten allergies (gluten is used in some emulsifiers), and realities of natural vs. synthetic.

Multiple lines, IQ and EQ, and matchmaking

Jeana ChungCreating two separate lines, how Knours is about sensitive skin lines, and another is for younger and older demographics for different hormone levels and needs, and how the brand is being holistic in three different lines. Balancing and navigating three brands with different DNAs, and the value in having a great team. How a background in law impacts Chung’s day-to-day including analytical skills, her personal favorite beauty product, cleansers, female role models, IQ plus EQ in women, Chung’s matchmaking on the side, and the message to love, to laughter, and to happily ever after.

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