039 – Marcia Kilgore of Beauty Pie – Like a Kid in a Beauty Store

Beauty subscription service with world’s best luxury skincare and makeup at straight-off-the-production line prices…

Marcia Kilgore, Founder of Beauty Pie (a beauty membership program) joins host Julie Fredrickson and guest host Annie McRoskey (‎Social Media & Marketing Coordinator for Trendalytics) on location at NRF Big Show 2018. MouthMedia Network is powered by Sennheiser. Sponsored by Kabbage.

In this episode:

  • Kilgore’s background as a three time beauty entrepreneur and one time footwear entrepreneur
  • The origin of the name and concept of Beauty Pie, and offering of original products, and as a buyer’s club for beauty addicts
  • Neuroplasticity, epigenetics
  • How Kilgore is directly involved with the formulating of the skin products
  • The secret is most cosmetics from perhaps fifteen factories, and most brands are not making their own products
  • The beauty industry is about selling a dream, and as well that women wont be smart enough to know the markups – but of course women are smart enough
  • How inexpensive great products can be to make, and why beauty editors might be bamboozled
  • Buying beauty products should be fun and why that matters
  • How and why Kilgore and Beauty Pie started with color cosmetics and moved to skin care, and the genesis of an idea with “what would the Netflix of cosmetics be like?”
  • The way beauty Pie started with makeup and how it came from playful copywriting
  • Why the Beauty Pie business model works
  • The value of Hyaluronic Acid that holds 1,000 times its weight in water
  • Are new ingredients better or are we reinventing just because of desire?
  • How Kilgore is balancing accessibility without all the marketing team, and writing her own marketing and social media copy for the brand

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