040 – Celebrity Makeup Artist Elena George – Enhancing Natural Beauty

Building a 30+ year career from hair to makeup with artists including Robin Roberts, Mariah Carey, Salt-N-Pepa, Aretha Franklin, and more…

Elena GeorgeSix-time Emmy Award Winning Celebrity Makeup Artist Elena George (makeup artist for Robin Roberts on Good Morning America) joins guest host Abby Wallach [Episode 25] in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser.

In this episode:

  • George shares how she always wanted to do hair, and when a kid the girls always had new hairstyles thanks to her, her mother nurtured that talent and drive, and convinced her to go to beauty school after high school, then she went to college, and was the campus hair person and made good money on campus
  • How she turned her college career into her first business
  • How a friend’s invite to do hair on a music video for Pepa of Salt-N-Pepa changed her life and created the next level of her careerElena George
  • Pivoting from loving hair to doing makeup, the issue with discontent and complaining, how makeup was like painting, and how it all changed because of one incident
  • Watching other artists recreate the whole face, was magical, like maestro
  • Being with Salt and Pepa for thirty years, and branching out more such as Vivica Fox, Aretha Franklin, Vanessa Williams, and more
  • George shares how there are easier ways to manage hair with more products now, and the same in makeup, and how that has impacted the use of salons
  • How makeup needs have leveled out with the introduction of HD
  • How George prefers to do makeup as naturally as possible and as close to how you normally look like with a few enhancements
  • The industry now wants to put a mask onElena George
  • Using social media for sharing expert advice because so many people ask for it
  • Evolving and not looking the same for years and years
  • The sacrifices of being on the road and on tour (such as with Mariah Carey), and how those people touring with you become another family
  • Acting like a producer, and with Mariah you have to know the lighting, so why she has her own lighting a person to stay in sync with how she always looks, consistently
  • How having her talent spotted resulted in an ongoing gig for George with Robin Roberts on Good Morning America
  • So many beautiful celebrities are not confident in their beauty, and how the makeup artist ends up being a confidence builder
  • And, how George thinks of God as an agent

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