041 – Sindhya Valloppillil of SkinGenie – The Beauty of DNA

Skincare advisor that analyzes your DNA and lifestyle with artificial intelligence, and the journey of founding a startup…

SkinGenieSindhya Valloppillil, Co-Founder and CEO of SkinGenie, joins Karen Moon and guest host Deanna Utroske [Cosmetics Design – Episode 14] in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser.

In this episode:

  • How companies make unsubstantiated claims
  • Valloppillil shares how SkinGenie personalizes products using AI to create a product to address a person’s unique genetic traits
  • DNA testing with blood, saliva, or cheek swab tests
  • Most people don’t know how to effectively read ingredient listsSkinGenie
  • SkinGenie is a tool to help buy the right products
  • The app does work for customers without the DNA component, using lifestyle questions, but is not as powerful.
  • With DNA, a seamless login for 23andMe, the customer can click on the “My Products” section of SkinGenie app and rank products 0-10, plus ratings
  • How SkinGenie was started by two scientists, including a genomics expert, built the algorithm together, used clinical studies that look at mutli-genetic variants for analysisSkinGenie
  • How most competitors only use a single trait for analysis, but SkinGenie’s approach offers more convincing and robust science
  • SkinGenie’s direct to consumer app and the enterprise services platform (brands, retailers spas, media companies)
  • A snack of Kati Rolls (Indian Street food) for snacks,
  • Valloppillil’s career journey working on a global brand image team, then working on an innovation team, then Neutrogena, then a larger company that which was run like a startup, leading product and marketing, then the company was acquired by P & G
  • The first men’s grooming brand to go online and went global
  • Starting a company named Helix, which was a difficult time, competing against men for fundraising, and how it is about who your know, not about traction
  • How a parental suggestion for therapy re-motivated Valloppillil
  • When writing an article about fundraising and women led to being banned by Business Insider and doors opening, then she went from snarky to journalistic style
  • An amazing story about The Art of Shave and acquisitions and a brand family and competitive brands – and the same company being bought back twice
  • And the most emotional moment on the show to date

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