042 – Tina Hedges of LOLI Beauty – Food Glorious Beauty

Organic, zero waste beauty brand…

LOLITina Hedges, Founder/CEO of LOLI Beauty (beauty brand using only organic, raw, fair-trade, non-GMO ingredients) joins Karen Moon and guest hosts Deanna Utroske [Cosmetics Design – Episode 14] and Stephanie Cartin (CEO/Cofounder of social media and influencer marketing agency SocialFly) in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser.

In this episode:LOLI

  • Tina Hedges discusses a superfood and organic approach to customizing
  • LOLI as the first organic zero waste beauty brand, stirring up beauty to make a change
  • The aim to be ethical, effective, and empowering as a DIY consumer experience
  • Company genesis and how Hedges self-financed the company based on a belief of how much blending women want to do at home
  • How women immediately flocked to purchase a surprise 3 month subscription, paid up front, looked at it as a revolution, but had no idea what they were getting, and hedges didn’t know what she was sending until a week before she did
  • Need flawless and easy solutions for consumers
  • Consumers don’t need to spend 20 min to customize product
  • LOLI offers multi tasking bases, then blend between 3 and 7 ingredients into the bases for hair, skin and face
  • How Hedges knew the MVP wasn’t the final version because she personally hand picked and packed and blended each order
  • How the company was initially essentially paid to focus-group, with a zero cap spend and no customer acquisition cost
  • Partnerships with Urban Outfitters and Adidas, such as pop-up blending bars
  • Hedges shares how the metrics have been incredible
  • Immersive experiential, taking women back and getting them involved in the process and ritual of beauty that has meaning and resonance
  • Pop up strategies and successes, and an average basket price $116
  • A powerful beauty solution
  • Food grade glass containers which can be reused for food, as a true environmentally friendly approach to packagingLOLI
  • Most beauty products are 80-95% water, and LOLI’s products don’t use water
  • How LOLI was the first to use a completely “compostable in 180 days” bags that come from food
  • Products are made in free world economies, use a tech platform to please the supply chain
  • LOLI is positioning to be creating a movement to stir things up and do them differentlyLOLI
  • How LOLI isa food company reinventing beauty, not a beauty company using foods
  • Hedges sees LOLI as encouraging consuming beauty in a fresh and rapid manner, which translates to the type of sizing and packaging
  • Transparency is a mantra for LOLI, including showing on labels how much of each ingredient is in the product
  • Hedges shares how LOLI is sourcing every ingredient themselves from farms, fair trade coops, etc.
  • Up-cycling from food, such as plums for the plum elixir more effective than chemicals but all natural, and how LOLI doesn’t change fragrances
  • A truly fitting snack time, taking three ingredients and making them into cookies
  • Why Coconut oil should not be used on faces and why
  • Mass customization with the bases
  • The balance of giving customers the bases and letting them explore
  • Looking at the essentials that can do many things and provide solutions, but don’t need 30 products
  • How LOLI designed the packaging themselves, and was inspired by walking aisles in gourmet food stores that wasn’t custom
  • The first time a bag like that was ever made, creating a category with new materials
  • Scaling a brand like this – or being flexible with what nature provides, as part of brand ethos
  • Building successful startups prior, discrimination on age and gender, despite being in Grand Central Tech Accelerator
  • Hedges was not allowing a “no” to determine her future
  • Her life outside of work
  • Responses from consumers, delightful customer experiences and partnerships, and how every interaction with the brand must feel personable and special

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