045 – Mariya Nurislamova of Scentbird – That New Scent Thrill

Fragrance subscription service Scentbird offering a 30-day supply of designer fragrance monthly…

ScentbirdMariya Nurislamova, Co-Founder/CEO of Scentbird, joins Regina Gwynn and guest host Kelly Kovack (Beauty Matter – Episode 24) in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser.

In this episode:

  • Why Scentbir d, and what’s the reason it needs to exist
  • A fragrance discovery platform that is digital
  • Disrupting the status quo of fragrance discovery, which is in person, sprayed in faceScentbird
  • The goal to bring fragrances digital
  • Helping people discover what they should be shopping for next
  • A monthly supply (about 120 sprays, allowing users to “date” fragrances before “marrying” them
  • Incredibly strong adoption and building a robust community
  • Smart Search, a visual recommender with multiple categories
  • Scentbird’s audience wants a portfolio of scents, not just one or twoScentbird
  • Scentbird went through two accelerator programs
  • Pitching the passion, and adapting to the investor audience, and having enough activity that you can get through the no’s for the yes’s
  • Raising investment rounds as a woman
  • And traditional Russian fare for snacktime
  • Data informed how the platform functions, a quarter of a million subscribers means a lot of data
  • Collecting a lot of crowd sourced data on each fragrance that is shared back to the community
  • Early user growth hacks, including influencer marketing
  • How Scentbird is like 30 tech companies all in house
  • What’s next for the company

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