047 – Karen Young of Oui Shave – The New Smooth

Razor for women, designed by women, ingrown-free, irritation-free life, eco-friendly and zero waste…

Oui ShaveKaren Young, Founder/CEO of Oui Shave joins Abby Wallach and guest hosts Kelly Kovack (Beauty Matter – Episode 24) and April Franzino (Good Housekeeping – Episode 29) in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser.

In this episode:

  • Shaving and a new way of thinking about razors
  • How Young came up with idea – raised in Guyana in South America, surrounded by uncles, went through shaving with safety razor, fascinated by the process, and it all stuck with her
  • She started growing hair during puberty, and was covered in razor burn, thought shaving was a horrible thing for womenOui Shave
  • Working at Estee Lauder, considered the feeling of luxury women are used to and researched and found safety razor history
  • How the razor does not pull hair up and cut some closer, the hair grows back evenly which feels smoother
  • Multi-blade razors have a lift and cut mechanism, but end up with ingrown hairs and razor burn
  • Educating women on razors and shaving, in the past women were just given colored razors and scented foams, but have been paying more
  • Oui Shave is about to develop a new razorOui Shave
  • So many ingrown hair treatments are not natural or effective, so Oui Shave is developing a solution
  • The jumping off point to starting her own company
  • Funding the business, customer funded, then by success with the WeWork Creator Awards
  • The challenge of showing the way for paying a higher price for luxury experience when woman used to something cheap at local drug storeOui Shave
  • The substantial weight of the razor
  • Customers started helping promote
  • Communicating with customers to continue to develop the product
  • Young wants old school barbershop pop-up stores
  • Ending up in beauty industry and packaging design, from having a small company focused on textile design, and how she ended up at Estee Lauder
  • The healing power of jade with Gua Sha


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