048 – Jared Schiffman of Perch Interactive – Shelf Stories

Interactive retail displays…

PERCHJared Schiffman, Co-Founder/CTO of Perch Interactive (the leader in physical+digital interactive displays for retail marketing) joins Regina Gwynn, Karen Moon, and Abby Wallach in the Podcast Booth at NRF Big Show.

In this episode:

  • The startup journey of Perch Interactive
  • Retailers who are not adapting to the transforming path of retail wont survive
  • Schiffman’s impression and takeaways of NRF, “the biggest show of year”
  • Displaying content that is 80% pre-existing assets/media coming from partners
  • Putting together ideas as solutions for new clients
  • Working out of templates Perch Interactive has developed, not doing software development per client, how it is scalable
  • Customers don’t want a ton of info
  • The ability to be in-store in 6-8 weeks, and being able to update content in as little as 2 weeks, taking execution risk out of the equation
  • Starting simple
  • Getting new ideas by visiting stores and seeing how products are displayed
  • A new product Shelf Touch for sensing high density products, and how that was conceived
  • High value products you cannot touch but can touch glass and interact with product
  • Inspiring persistence in growing a business to success

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