049 – Wendi Berger of Pour le Monde – Fragrance, Naturally

Wendi BergerA 100% natural, fine fragrance company with charitable ethos…

Wendi Berger, Founder/CEO of Pour le Monde (certified 100% natural fine fragrances, vegan, cruelty free, each scent benefitting a different charity) joins Karen Moon and guest hosts Stephanie Flor [Around the World Beauty – Episode 17] and Sue Phillips [Scenterprises – Episode 5] in theMouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser.

In this episode:

  • How Pour le Monde means “for the world”
  • Berger reveals her background was not in fragrance, but worked a lot in magazines and around beautyWendi Berger
  • The genesis of the company when she pregnant, when she found that her “beloved perfume” had suspect ingredients in it — and she couldn’t find any great perfumes with only natural ingredients
  • Storytelling around natural and what it means
  • Becoming a “B-Corp” – and being only the fragrance company as a B-Corp in the world
  • B-Corps – Companies doing good, sustainable practices
  • Sourcing natural ingredients from third-world countries
  • Pour le Monde’s three fragrances, a fourth on the way, and how they have done well with beauty editors
  • Each fragrance correlates to a mood
  • Only 450 fragrance notes to work with, couldn’t even use “absolutes”
  • How natural ingredients can age wellWendi Berger
  • Being able to learn the story behind a fragrance, and the experience behind why wearing fragrance means something
  • The charities Pour le Monde works with, how they were chosen, and selecting the names around the vision of each charity
  • Envision – multiple sclerosis
  • Empower – guide dogs
  • Together – cancer support
  • The motivation to launch a startup
  • How and why the name Pour le Monde came from a friend
  • Getting into her first store, and that special moment while at a trade show
  • Advice on trade show success
  • The meaning of naturals and absolutes
  • Why 450 notes – specifically

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