051 – Sonia Kashuk – Breaking Rules

Building a reputation into a brand…

Makeup legend Sonia Kashuk joins Karen Moon at South by Southwest in Austin, TX.

In this episode:

  • Breaking rules, mass vs. prestige
  • How the industry is a different marketplace, how it is hard to be a first, and it feels like everyhtings been done,
  • Always room for a great idea, making a difference and doing something new, disruption
  • How Kashuk got into the beauty industry
  • How she was studying design, clothing, got an opportunity to do clothing design, was thrown into makeup, loved it, being involved with the music video for the song “Funkytown”
  • Working with fashion designers, how it was more about not using makeup than using makeup, sometimes not doing something was more important, understanding what’s needed, not needed
  • Being known as the Queen of Clean, working a lot with photographer Arthur Elgort, learning about using makeup to enhance and perfect
  • What matters the most is the performance in skincare, and does it work
  • Both natural and science can be great
  • Holding confidence and being strong about how  you are
  • Skin care will support and own our faces as they are
  • Working with CEW Foundation and rights in the workplace with cancer

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