052 – Bobbi Brown – Makeup Mogul, Motivator, Mother

Starting, growing, and succeeding with a lifestyle brand…

Bobbi Brown
Photo Credit – Martin Lee Studio

Bobbi Brown (the iconic cosmetics entrepreneur, author of nine books on makeup and beauty, hotelier, founder of JustBobbi, and more), joins host Karen Moon, guest host Pavan Bahl, and Josh Wexler (CEO of RevCascade and Souler) on location in front of a live audience at La Marina for a special “Souler Salon” (presented by Souler, the ultimate influencer commerce platform where influencers share and sell the products they love directly to their followers). MouthMedia Network studios are powered by Sennheiser.

In this episode:

  • Brown on being someone who likes to do things differently, organically, a mother of three “amazing children”, and married almost 30 years

    Bobbi Brown
    Photo Credit – Martin Lee Studio
  • The origins of the Bobbi Brown brand, how she was freelance makeup artist and couldn’t find makeup that looked good, often had to fix things, and the makeup she needed didn’t exist
  • She never had thoughts of starting or being a brand
  • How Brown met a chemist, asked him to make a lipstick, she sold out for a year, serendipitously met a cosmetics buyer for Bergdorf Goodman,
  • Brown may have this in her genes, seeing herself as “incredibly naive”, how she doesn’t believe in failure or strategy, and just believes things will work out
  • How Brown only ever intended to be a makeup artists and a mother
  • She has a lifestyle brand, sharing content, empowering women, teaching people to be entrepreneurs, and making lifestyle inspired products
  • Created a hotel based on things she didn’t like about hotels, and involving several of the brands she likes, creating creative partnerships
  • Why relationships are everything

    Bobbi Brown
    Photo Credit – Martin Lee Studio
  • When she was a beauty editor of the Today Show without ever bringing Bobbi Brown products into it in general, and how it all became organic part of company, then going on to Yahoo and more
  • Brown’s sons give her feedback that’s valuable, and her own focus groups from her personal world
  • Why things that are simple are important
  • Brown on networking simply being about being open and just talking with people
  • Her current book is her ninth, written before she decided to leave the company
  • Advice for young entrepreneurs – don’t talk about what you’re going to do – just take action
  • The importance of being positive, and being able to fix things quickly and turn quickly, retaining people to work for you
  • Working with (or for) Estee Lauder
  • Being an “intrapreneur” while at Estee Lauder
  • Why Brown says she shouldn’t be in a corporation
  • Working with Uber for a fun campaign
  • “Just Bobbi” – an editorial platform
  • “Evolution_18” health supplement
  • The importance of positive energy, and how walking clears one’s brain
  • A dream dance partner for Brown
  • The genesis of Brown’s company name as her own name
  • Setting goals, and purpose vs. profit
  • The value of not taking loans for business, and why Brown never did







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