054 – Gail Sagel of Faces Beautiful – The Beauty of Building Beauty

Gail SagelHow a tragic accident inspired Gail Sagel to make a move from Wall Street to a new brand, Amazon Beauty, a magnetic makeup organizer and accessory, and an innovative beauty concept store combining beauty services and upscale retail cosmetics…

Gail Sagel, Founder/CEO of FACES Beautiful (focused on making women’s lives and beauty routines more convenient and creating beauty products that solve problems for women, products that simplify life and are healthy) and Creator of Face in a Case (an answer to a woman’s need for organization and is formulated with carefully chosen, healthy vegan ingredients), joins Karen  Moon and Regina Gwynn in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser.

In this episode:

  • How Sagel started on Wall Street, and found it was not her calling
  • When she was hit by a car riding her bike home, and it became an “ah-ha moment”, realized how unhappy she was
  • Watching Natalie Wood movie and being compared to Natalie Wood, leading to dying her hair , had to change colors, discovered difficulty finding the right cosmetics
  • How Sagel got a job freelancing for Laura MercierGail Sagel
  • When and why she launched FACES Beautiful
  • How she had to procure other lines
  • Originally built on a range of other products
  • Pre-ecommerce and website selling
  • Focuson beauty that mattered to the consumers, mix services and retail (hair, color/cuts, aesthetic, facials, makeup, eyebrow services)
  • The origins of Face in a Case
  • One retail  location that had these services and sold 60 different brands, then a recession came, no online store yet in 2009, decided she needed to create her own brand to have her company surprise
  • Apples every day
  • As an artist you always are refining, so prototype took a long time
  • How the manufacturer took a while too, put first one together herself, then after prototype undertook process for protection of IP name, process, utility purpose of magnetic makeup case that functions as a wallet
  • The process of getting on and optimizing Amazon
  • Considerations when hiring someone to represent you
  • Amazon has own search engine, and the power of so many consumer products searches
  • Amazon live shows like QVC, but on the web onlyGail Sagel
  • Collaborations with designers, influencers
  • Dreaming of a partnership with Kylie Jenner
  • A white space that can be explosive
  • Best Maryland crabcakes at Kocos Greek dive pub
  • Keeping an ear tuned to what’s new in technology

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