055 – Caroline Fabrigas of Scent Marketing Inc – Boundless Beauty Possibilities

Getting attention and growing brands, a fresh idea of fragrance, why sensing a brand matters, how audiences can grow organically, and a case study of going to market in a huge retailer…

Caroline FabrigasCaroline Fabrigas, CEO of Scent Marketing Inc. & Co-founder Scent Invent Technology, and an entrepreneur dedicated to empowering brands, joins Abby Wallach in theMouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser.

In this episode:

  • Fabrigas as Wallach’s partner in business
  • Being an innovator, executive, and entrepreneur in the beauty industry
  • On the beauty skincare front
  • How there has never been more boundless possibilities in beauty
  • Ingredients that couldn’t have existed before
  • Holographic formulas
  • The merging of categories, hybridization
  • Packaging and how products being delivered, looking for multipurpose
    Caroline Fabrigas
  • Retail experience
  • Can a business not be global and do well?
  • Helping big brands to be successful is important for the business, while augmenting what they are doing with new technology and categories
  • Skincare is having a moment, driven by the “natural” trend
  • The conversation of “what is natural” is new
  • Things that are special drive consumer wants more, what’s reliable, but moments and experiences are huge as well
  • Helping spearhead behind the scenes, Scent Marketing Inc., which Fabrigas inherited from her late husband, scent branding, signature scents for brands, created loyalty, and emotional attachment to hotel or retail store
  • Transformative products
  • A case study often opportunity to help co-create the brand Farmacy, and bring to Sephora
  • The world is moving in direction of organic eating, understanding the origin of food, and “all natural”
  • With that mandate, if the world needed a skincare brand in the natural realm, what would resonate
  • Farm fresh, hand picked
  • Partnering with Sephora from the beginning, partnering on a routine basis, going from idea to venture
  • How the key was identifying a whites pace, a patented ingredient to tell the tale
  • Moving fast, looking for innovative forms, and a presentation that had an emotional connection
  • Creating a winning business model, and being conscious of it at every step, focus groups and feedback, adjusting
  • Launching in 143 doors, and moving toward success

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