058 – Wendy Gottfried – Beauty Is Like Candy

Trends and forward thinking in the beauty industry, with Wendy Gottfried…

Wendy Gottfried, Beauty and Fashion Consultant, joins Abby Wallach and guest host April Franzino (Good Housekeeping – Episode 29) in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser.

In this episode:

  • How the proliferation of brands is enormous
  • What is being seen out there exciting, the impact of what as surprised and delighted consumer
  • Trends in beauty are now changing seasonally
  • Looking at difference and value prop in beauty brands, whether is it a lifestyle
  • Wellness and nutrition are playing big parts, along with clean beauty – these categories are taking off!
  • No clear definition of clean beauty
  • Experiences are bringing people into the physical store
  • Subscription boxes allowing exploration, but lead to brick and mortar visits
  • How the sampling process has changed, more targeted
  • Old time candies, like a beauty store and how you merchandise
  • Personalization wins over the customer
  • Some major brands are creating niche fragrance brands to get into a new category
  • There is room for large players because they drive so many trends
  • Made in USA
  • Brands pivoting, reacting more quickly to launch new lines with speed
  • When brands fill perceived voids
  • Segmenting business are part of what make brands successful
  • Effectiveness of celebrity and influencers in the beauty business, and the importance of POV
  • The business of empowering people, and being authentic

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