060 – Meghan Asha and Navi Ganancial of FounderMade – Helping Others Build

Consumer discovery platform and event summit series dedicated to helping current and future founders build their business…

FounderMade Meghan Asha and Navi Ganancial , Co-Founders of FounderMade (a platform dedicated to promoting and inspiring entrepreneurs worldwide) join guest hosts Marc Raco and Barbara Zinn Moore in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser.

In this episode:

  • Consumer Discovery Show in Santa Monica, CA 10/04/18
  • Why does it matter?
  • The big master plan of FounderMade as a mission, current stage is the shows
  • Help launch, drive commerce in an efficient way
  • Wasn’t supposed to be a business, Meghan sold a digital media company, started working in venture capital
  • FounderMade came from question – when you’re 90 what will make you happy (guiding principle)
  • Wanted to do 12 dinners, call them founder made – like founder therapy, and bring the next generation, dinners got bigger and bigger
  • Follow the breadcrumbs
  • Hearing stories of imperfect buildings of business, human stories of building business, build for dreams
  • Why it is easier now than ever before to start a business, but special sauce of why you do it, getting mentorship, and a certain element that you can’t Google
  • Meeting at Randi Zuckerberg’s birthday party
  • How Google Glass played into forming a partnership
  • Helping to launch Fashion Tech Forum
  • Adding a beauty summit
  • Not believing it was a real business, and how  it is so much fun
  • How Meghan and Navi didn’t really understand the trade show business
  • Getting feedback from exhibitors, what was learned from retailers and brands, investors secondary
  • Trying to be the most efficient way of driving commerce at the show
  • Launchpad for brands in consumer space
  • Companies need to be mission driven, transparency and innovation, 2M in revenue optimally
  • The next generation of wellness — and trends
  • Men’s sector of wellness not yet owned
  • A hair system that’s being launched at the conference
  • Consumer Discovery Show
  • Providing value, doing something beyond yourself, the greater good
  • Finding joy and peace
  • The importance of trying
  • Helping others build

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