061 – Alexandra Wilkis Wilson of Allergan – Entrepreneurial Beauty

Serial entrepreneurship and moving into medical aesthetics…

Alexandra Wilkis WilsonAlexandra Wilkis Wilson, entrepreneur and cofounder of Gilt Groupe, GlamSquad, and Fitz, and who currently leads a digital ventures team, helping to disrupt the aesthetics industry, at Allergan USA, Inc., including digital editorial hub Spotlyte, joins Regina Gwynn, Karen Moon, Abby Wallach, and April Franzino in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser.

In this episode:

  • Wilkis Wilson on learning
  • Focused on at Allergan medical aesthetics
  • Created moonwalker, consumer and digitally oriented – spotlight a content site targeting consumersAlexandra Wilkis Wilson
  • Preventative care at earlier ages
  • 40M Americans considerers of medical aesthetics
  • Botox uses
  • Resources about providers
  • Medical aesthetics division Botox, coolsculpting, etc
  • Why this role is now created, and bringing Spotlyte into forefront
  • Where Wilkis Wilson’s interest in beauty came fromAlexandra Wilkis Wilson
  • GlamSquad, Gilt, etc.
  • Beauty was hard, not an industry open to discounting, sensitive to gray market activity
  • Changing to focus on launch of beauty products
  • Gilt City found success with beauty related products
  • The value of feedback while building a business and product, and being transparent with team
  • Taking an agile learning approach
  • Building a culture in a company or team
  • A sense of entrepreneurial failure if feeling like not giving value
  • A secluded island, a Brazilian adventure, and JetBlack, podcasts, and LinkedIn

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