063 – Pamela Baxter of BONA FIDE Beauty Lab – A License to Succeed

How forging a licensing agreement with PopSugar has created a dialogue between beauty industry great Pamela Baxter and the next generation of beauty consumers…

Pamela Baxter, Founder of BONA FIDE Beauty Lab, President/CEO of CHRISTIAN DIOR Couture (LVMH Group), former President Specialty Group of Estee Lauder Companies, joins Karen Moon and Abby Wallach in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser.

In this episode:

  •  Baxter’s extensive experience with 23 years with Estee Lauder – President of Speciality Group
  • Transitioning to being an entrepreneur
  • A pioneer in fragrance licensing agreementsPamela Baxter
  • Forged the first fragrance license agreement with Tommy Hilfiger
  • A major career change announced to her on stage
  • When a transition came from looking at moving into fashion as another move later in career, and no one would interview her
  •  a challenge from Bernard Arnault (Christiand Dior) when beauty and fashion brand didn’t match
  • Playing a role in shutting down a company, at a cost of more than $30M, and the most difficult meeting in Baxter’s career
  • Starting BONA FIDE Beauty Lab, partnering with a media company, developing a beauty incubator
  • Seeing a lot of entrepreneurs, female founders of businessesPamela Baxter
  • Moving into licensing
  • Why (and how) Baxter began partnering with PopSugar for audience
  • Considering that influencers with high engagement are doing makeup
  • How Baxter’s current feedback loop is a dialogue with the PopSugar audience
  • Fitness and wellness taking over celebrity as an audience interest
  • BONA FIDE Beauty Lab’s partnership with Ulta Beauty and is own direct to consumer Beauty by PopSugarPamela Baxter
  • Today’s consumer is a multi channel shopper
  • A before and after storyline — with a swipe
  • Jazz in Marrakesh, and barrel racing
  • Taking risks

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