064 – Essence Gant of BuzzFeed – Beauty Buzz

What it takes for beauty brands to grab the attention of BuzzFeed, what kind of posts perform best (and when they fall flat), diversity as a priority, the choice to use real people instead of models, a new lifestyle platform, and the journey from social work to BuzzFeed…

Essence Gant, Senior Beauty Editor for BuzzFeed  (an Internet media and news company based in New York with a focus on digital media) joins Regina Gwynn, Abby Wallach, and April Franzino in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser.

In this episode:

  • Making sure all diverse voices are heard in beauty narrative
  • Diversity as a priority from the beginning has been part of success
  • Videos a big part of communication—don’t really use models—they use each other
  • Real beauty, real people, real talk
  • Trying to be funny
  • Anything that they really love and lives up the hype—performs well
  • Stories vs. tips doing well, products do well, consumer audience
  • The journey from social work to buzzfeed
  • Launched womens lifestyle platform in March
  • “As Is”
  • More thoughtful conversation about beauty
  • What gets attention with products to cover
  • Whats special about brand, sticks out from the rest
  • Why BuzzFeed will cover super indie brands
  • The impact of giving attention to small brands, and how it can transform their business
  • When content falls flat
  • Depends on what’s going on in world at moment, timing
  • You know beauty when you seeit, finding beauty at Afropunk
  • Instagram is pretty, and insane nails from Cardi B’s nail artist
  • Why reflection is so important to success

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