065 – Romain Daumont of MemoMi – Memory Mirror

A high-end digital mirror for a new generation shopping experience…

Romain Daumont, General Manager of MemoMi Memory Mirror (a mirror for fashion and beauty — using simple body gestures, on the mobile app you can control the MemoryMirror™ to see 360-degree back and side views in new outfits) joins Karen Moon, Regina Gwynn, and Abby Wallach on location at NRF Big Show 2018.

In this episode:

  • MemoMi – digitizing mirror, experiences through digital mirrors
  • How MemoMi created three experiences —  fashion, eyewear, cosmetic tutorial
  • Trying to reproduce beauty methods at home – working with a makeup artist – every step recorded – quality video via link in the mirror
  • Augmented reality, animation possible
  • Video recorded — comes with an angled camera, computer – process the image to make it look like a mirror in real time
  • At NRF, working with Intel
  • Two sided mirror, two experiences at same time
  • Beauty is about training, i.e. master class
  • Ability to run ads, and drive intention
  • Creating unique products allow creativity of brands explode and explore
  • Studies of people trying colors they wouldn’t have otherwise
  • Working with Sephora
  • Finding something immersive, an interesting experience
  • Capturing data on trends, can translate data very early, predict likely hot products
  • Ability to opt in and receive video library of all try-ons and tutorials and share
  • The customer feedback so far, monitoring multiple devices in a single store
  • A way to engage people in a store, a nice and fun experience, icebreaker
  • The ability to customize for the retailer client

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