067 – Nancy Berger of Marie Claire – Storytelling Beauty

A pioneer in the media industry who brings brands to life in a new and fresh way, who is also super fancy, pops up everywhere, and coins words that become part of the fabric of beauty and fashion industry…

Wendy BergerNancy Berger, Publisher of Marie Claire Magazine, joins Abby Wallach and April Franzino in the MouthMedia Network studio, powered by Sennheiser.

In this episode:

  • The evolving landscape of beauty brand advertising; telling your story and finding your super fans
  • Omnichannel advertising as it pertains to Marie Claire; Print, Digital, Social, and Experiential
  • The importance of experiential marketing and print’s ease of access to sample based advertising
  • Building trust amongst your audience, thinking about months to moments when connecting channels; a story in the magazine may have video content available only on the website or social mediaWendy Berger 
  • Stretching the “old” budgets to meet the needs of today
  • The Global Beauty Awards – Marie Claire’s editorial team from around the world voting for the best products and brands
  • Partnering with Amore Pacific to create a pop event with influencers
  • The importance of real tactile experiences in today’s digital age
  • Partnering with Clarins to create “The Next Big Thing,” a pop up experience in SoHo; next gen retail experiences: smart mirrors, cashless transactions, touch screen window shopping, the future of retail
  • The Marie Claire Power Trip, and meeting Flower Shop’s owner
  • Nancy’s history in media and her initial trepidations about the beauty industry
  • Her surprise about the vastness and nuances of the beauty industry
  • The pre-Sephora/Ulta world of beauty and the reality of what’s in every woman’s make up bag
  • Beauty as a life style and inventing words; “Beautitude”
  • Beauty as part of the pop culture fiber at AlureWendy Berger
  • Recognizing the white space for beauty at Gourmet; creating events pairing wine and fragrance
  • Marie Claire’s platform for women’s empowerment, and the emergence of the “professional” market in beauty
  • The ying and yang of Marie Claire’s Marie Claire Play and Marie Claire Work 
  • The founding of Marie Claire in France, and projecting where the women’s empowerment movement will go
  • Finding good role models, and “holding the door”
  • Disruptors in the beauty industry that caught Nancy’s eye 
  • Working with the beauty industry vs. working with automotive or fashion, etc.
  • The type of person that the beauty industry attracts
  • The Global Beauty Forum – meeting with Marie Claire editor’s from around the world
  • Nancy’s favorite destination
  • Finding fun products in local pharmacies you won’t find at home
  • What’s currently in Nancy Berger’s make up bag?

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