069 – Danielle Alvarez of The Bonita Project – Breaking the Beauty Barriers

An insiders look into influencer marketing and the do’s and don’ts of tapping into the multicultural consumer…

Danielle AlvarezDanielle Alvarez, Founder of The Bonita Project (a marketing, public relations, and influencer marketing agency focusing on multicultural), joins Karen Moon and guest hosts Stephanie Flor and Deanna Utroske in the MouthMedia Network studio powered by Sennheiser

In this episode:

  • From former beauty PR agency, leading multicultural efforts, largely Hispanic
  • Own business came out of nowhere
  • Her first client for The Bonita Project

Danielle Alvarez

  • Cater to beauty and speak to both audiences
  • Hispanic market
  • Bonita is a compliment
  • Budget for brands in multicultural
  • Mailers still hugely used
  • Being careful of skin tones in ads, diversity important
  • Influencers, PR in a new world
  • Staying in touch with people, growing her network, The Wing workspace for women
  • Deskside – editors desk appointment still important?
  • Sliding into DM?
  • Mobile phone habits?Danielle Alvarez
  • Innovation in other countries as a passion
  • Influencers in other countries and relevant economics
  • Peruvian background
  • Digging and doing research with influencers is crucial

From Danielle’s bio: As a result of gaining a deep understanding of the nuances of the cross-cultural consumer, Danielle decided to aim even higher and launch The Bonita Project where she bridges the gap between general and multicultural markets to build buzz for her brands and create a detailed, creative, and inclusive PR strategy for every client.

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