070 – Rita Hazan – The Business and Technology of Hair Color

Building a hair care line that organically captures the technical and creative skills of a high-end celebrity colorist and actually getting it into a high end retailer…

Rita HazanRita Hazan (hair colorist known for her work with celebrities, and is the owner of the Rita Hazan Salon in NYC) joins Regina Gwynn, Abby Wallach, and April Franzino in the MouthMedia Network studio powered by Sennheiser.

In this episode:

  • Rita being blessed at young age to know what she wanted to do, and being in NYC to hustle and pursue her dream
  • Understanding many aspects, the type of water, where you live, other chemicals being used, and each chemical matters
  • First client Mariah Carey, needed a new look
  • Creating a look with JLo
    Rita Hazan
  • Flying across the ocean to work with Madonna
  • Creating a new product that is magnificent
  • The biggest question is: what can you do at home in-between coloring, and big corporations didn’t have a solution for it
  • Her proudest moment in her beauty history
  • A weekly remedy  — technology——manipulated Ph balance, working with hair cuticle
  • The little can that could
  • Getting her line into Sephora
  • Why glossing your hair matters
  • Girl talk
  • A hot hair color of the moment
  • That time Rita created a one-time best hair color ever for Jessica Simpson at a party

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