073 – Francesco Clark of Clark Botanicals – Skincare Superman

Turning tragedy into a successful indie natural beauty brand…

ClarksFrancesco Clark, Founder and CEO of Clark’s Botanicals (natural skin care including anti-aging treatments, cleansers & scrubs, lip treatments, acne treatment, moisturizing creams, anti-aging serum) joins Abby Wallach and guest host Kelly Kovack in the MouthMedia Network studio powered by Sennheiser.

In this episode:

  • A horrible accident  leaves Francesco paralyzed
  • The moment when he no longer felt alone or hopeless
  • Why not believing a surgeon actually created a path for progress
  • When his skin stopped reacting to temperature or behaving correctly, and he looked much older
  • Falling into a deep depression
  • The impact of the death of Christopher Reeve on Francesco
  • Facing his biggest fear and interacting with strangers post-accident
  • Experimental stem cell surgery in China helped him regain much functionClarks
  • Looking at tonics was a distraction, in the kitchen working on skin remedies trying to feel good again
  • Never had an intention of starting a business
  • His father’s chemotherapy patients and giving it to them for free
  • A special home-cooked snack
  • How the indie beauty industry has changed since launching his company
  • Owning up to who you are with messaging
  • Looking at partners who can help you have sustained economic growth
  • Why Francesco actually answers the phone himself and why he has a 98% retention rate
  • Winning an award 
  • Succeeding despite no financial backing for the brand, his brother and him working out of the basement
  • What it means to get someone to convert from their moisturizer to his
  • Revenue has doubled year over year
  • How a sense of family has extended to the people works with now
  • The “tight bubble”
  • The joy of bad karaoke
  • Why going to the office makes Francesco feel better
  • The secret ingredient to a successful indie business

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