Andrea Pomerantz Lustig – Beauty Is Power

A veteran beauty expert and author shares insider secrets on what women want and how to look beautiful inside and out…

Andrea Pomerantz LustigAndrea Pomerantz Lustig, Author of HOW TO LOOK EXPENSIVE; Contributing beauty editor, GLAMOUR Magazine, joins Abby Wallach, April Franzino, and Regina Gwynn in the MouthMedia Network studio powered by Sennheiser.

In this episode:

  • Andrea as an early beauty blogger, worked at Glamour and Cosmopolitan,
  • How skin care and wellness both huge
  • Aging has changed so much that there’s a new way to look old
  • Making friends and doing secrets in a newsletter that became popular and evolved into a blog
  • Agelessness, and aging in the public eye
  • Little secrets on how to look expensive
  • Hair color, and the Blush Sandwich
    Andrea Pomerantz Lustig
  • When you’re comfortable in your own hair,  you’re comfortable in your own skin
  • Glow older not grow older
  • The ability to express yourself in ways you couldn’t before
  • How beauty is power
  • A tip for lashes
  • What getting your money’s worth really meant
  • The rules of beauty are changing
  • Andrea Lustig
  • How to look expensive

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