Dr. Robb – Super Secret Skin Care

Dr. RobbImagine being the face of a highly successful beauty brand–and then taking on a new frontier by starting a new brand, from scratch, solo. Dr. Robb was the founder of Clarasonic, and is now preparing to launch his own super secret brand, a new device with a new formula.

Dr. Robb Akridge (a.k.a. Dr. Robb) co-founder of Pacific Bioscience Laboratories, joins April Franzino, Abby Wallach, and guest host Stephanie Flor (Around the World Beauty) in the MouthMedia Network studio powered by Sennheiser.

In this episode:

  • Dr. Robb’s background in researching vaccines to cure AIDS, to working for Phillips and ClarisonicDr. Robb
  • How Dr. Robb’s restless need to solve problems has led to his many career changes, and what about Clarisonic has made it his longest ongoing job
  • The issues in the skin care industry that need to be addressed
  • The lessons Dr. Robb learned working the floors at trade shows
  • The process of developing the Clarisonic
  • Dealing with knockoff products
  • Dr. Robb’s new venture, REA Innovations, and what it’s like starting a new company in 2019 versus when he was working on Clarisonic
  • The long road ahead to develop a new, exciting, and effective productDr. Robb
  • The difference between the old retail pyramid model of sales and the current climate REA Innovations will be entering into
  • How to position your product towards educated consumers
  • Dr. Robb’s biggest “aha!” Moment
  • The similarities between the food and beauty industries
  • Plus, we get personal and learn Dr. Robb’s favorite foods, and what music he loves

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