Erika Wasser of Glam&Go – Living Your Best Life with a Fast Bit of Glam

A former stand-up comedian sees how blowouts happen backstage so fast, and an opportunity to bring that quality and speed to any girl on the go with Glam&Go.

Erika Wasser of Glam and GoErika Wasser’s company is disrupting the fast lane for beauty blowouts with a nationwide chain of hair salons. She’s putting her product in front of some of the most heavily trafficked area in New York, from health clubs to hotels, and wherever women might be looking for a fast bit of glam.

Erika Wasser, Founder/CEO of Glam&Go, joins Abby Wallach and guest host Stephanie Flor (Around the World Beauty) in the MouthMedia Network studio powered by Sennheiser.

In this episode:

  • How Erika’s past working in standup and as a TV host gave her the inspiration to start Glam&Go
  • Building a brand from a paper sign up sheet in a gym locker room to a chain of stores
  • How a writeup in The New York Times gave the business the expose necessary to move to the next stepErika Wasser of Glam and Go
  • Learning to listen to client demands to offer new services
  • Erika walks us through Glam&Go’s subscription-based service, and what led to this business model
  • Erika’s pragmatic approach to deciding which cities the brand has expanded into
  • Things Erika wishes she knew when she started the company
  • Erika’s shares some of her other endeavors, including a Rosé brand
  • What about Glam&Go has made it possible for them to open so many locations in such a short period of time
  • The team behind Erika that has helped make all this possibleErika Wasser of Glam and Go
  • Erika’s vision for Glam&Go’s future
  • Hiring employees for the first time, and how Glam&Go has managed to have such low turnover
  • The excitement of building out in new locations that are wildly different
  • Plus, Erika’s favorite restaurants and her favorite travel destinations

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