Ian Ginsberg of Bigelow Apothecary – Is The Oldest Apothecary the Future of Beauty Retail?

Bigelow ApothecaryWhy the iconic New York City apothecary is anything but old-fashioned, focusing on consumer experience, partnerships with beauty brands, and keeping up with changes in the industry…

Ian Ginsberg, President of C.O. Bigelow Apothecaries (the oldest apothecary in America) joins Abby Wallach and guest host Kelly Kovack (Beauty Matter) in the MouthMedia Network studio powered by Sennheiser.

In this episode:

  • A musician who went to pharmacy school
  • Focusing on what happens when you walk in the door, and the consumer experience
  • Focusing on beauty ay Bigelow Apothecary
  • Making a catalogue
  • Developing a brand
  • Using ingredients and recipes from the 1800s
  • Decisions on which brands carry, and How Ian is fascinated by stories and other multigenerational companies
  • Keeping with changes in the industry
  • More volume per brands because of fewer brands
  • Great brands have passion great story, packaging
  • It is a marriage with brands — working together and help them with tools and support
  • People are not loyal in face care—a lot of work to create any success
  • Why the idea of an indie beauty trend may be laughable
  • A passion in music

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