Divya Gugnani of Wander Beauty – Catching Up at eTail West

Diving deeper into Wander Beauty with Divya Gugnani…

About a year ago, we heard from Divya Gugnani—one of the co-founders of Wander Beauty, the first travel-inspired, luxury color cosmetics experience, with deluxe products made of high performance and cruelty free formulas. The conversation focused on Wander Beauty’s fewer, better, multitasking beauty essentials to keep consumers beautiful on the go. Recently, MouthMedia Network CEO Rob Sanchez (who actually was one of the original hosts of Beauty Is Your Business), caught up with Divya in Palms Springs CA at eTail West to have a conversation focused about innovation, solving pain points, and psychology in growing a beauty brand, along with the relationship between content creation and brand — plus how the business accomplished product testing with Wander Beauties. 

Note: you will also soon be able to hear from Divya and her cofounder Lindsay Ellingson about their full entrepreneurial journey as female founders on an upcoming episode of the Entreprenista podcast presented by Socialfly on MouthMedia Network.

In this episode:

  • Why Wander Beauty sees value in eTail West, powering more personalized and mobile commerce
  • Content creation and brand
  • Divya on watching her mother transform from a stay-at-home mom to “glamorous diva” in ten minutes
  • Clean beauty and diversity should be a constant
  • Loving travel and beauty and wanting real women to feel good about themselves with clean beauty to be able to do that
  • Challenges to building the products and understanding the process and regulatory around beauty multitaskers
  • Anything you create and put it out there it should be 360 innovation
  • Finding pain points and innovated around those through extensively involving clients in the journey with them
  • Why its tough to innovate in beauty, how chemists want to do it in the easiest possible way, and why Wander Beauty did a lot of product development in Korea
  • Owning all pieces of the supply chain so it is transparent and the company can refine the process
  • Testing with real women – Wander Beauties
  • Being a “grass roots” company
  • How it is actually largely psychological, and how consumers are being tied to brand psychologically because of sharing values
  • The importance of not rushing it, doing it at a pace with which you can control quality
  • Thoughtful packaging and formulas that keep ingredients fresh
  • Authentic creative and empowering existing customers and influencers
  • Creating a “wanderland” moment of luxury and good feeling

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