Kiva Silberfeld of Elizabeth Arden – Red Lipstick, Celebrating Women, and China

SilberfeldTransitioning between mass and prestige beauty brands, translating a brand across the globe into booming markets like China, and driving home the lasting impact of the original beauty pioneers…

Kiva Silberfeld, Vice President of Global integrated Marketing for the global beauty brand Elizabeth Arden, joins April Franzino, Karen Moon, and Abby Wallach in the MouthMedia Network studio powered by Sennheiser.

In this episode:

  • Kiva on playing working with some of the biggest brands, going to law school, having a mother in the business, and how her sister is a beauty editorSilberfeld
  • How she started with Estee Lauder
  • Working in two different segments off the market
  • Getting consumers excited over and over again for a product that has such longevity and staying power
  • Growing into one of the biggest markets — China
  • Longevity of brands marks the quality of brand and the innovation
  • How more and more younger women are discovering and liking the Elizabeth Arden brand
  • Starting with red lipstick, why Kiva wears it every day, and the connection of red lipstick for equal rights
  • Pink lipstick this year, for women gender equalitySilberfeld
  • A desire to share the history of brand, and why Reese Witherspopon was a good choice as a spokesperson
  • How Elizabeth Arden is the only beauty conglomerate in the world with a female CEO
  • Different cultures use a different number of steps in beauty regimens
  • The change in the Chinese opportunity
  • The importance in being current on mobile in Asia
  • In China, better performance when a woman is with a man vs. a woman alone
  • Beauty on Amazon – strategy and opportunity
  • Counterfeiting the biggest issue with fragrance
  • A daily bath as meditation

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  1. Nancy Schempp April 6, 2019 at 4:47 am

    Very interesting & encouraging interview. We are a blessed nation to offer limitless opportunities to women of the future


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