Margaret Ackah-Yensu of Tulii Skincare – Beauty Serums from the Tree of Life

Serums made from leaves and seeds of the Tanzanian Moringa tree, optimized using other natural oils to achieve targeted skin health benefits…

Margaret Ackah-Yensu, British-trained aesthetician and Co-Founder of Tulii Skincare (an all natural, organic, ethical, fair trade skincare serums that work) joins Abby Wallach and Stephanie Flor.

  • Form treating burn victims with different oils
  • Moringa (from tree) used in Africa for centuries for many reasons-miracle plant
  • Distill in oil from the leaves, one of the most potent parts of the plant
  • Tanzania
  • How Margaret and her partner Rose felt like they had known each other all their lives, having the same agenda from different perspectives
  • A passion for skin care
  • Transition from Africa to the US
  • The process of starting a product company
  • Important to have a brand name that matters and refers to the brand’s ethos, Tulii, respecting the integrity of skin, means “all of us” (it is for all of us)
  • Distilling oil to keep nutrition in it
  • The tree of life, a miracle tree, the only plant on planet you could survive on it
  • An oil serum
  • Helps boost immune system oil skin, and high levels of sulfur which stimulates the production of collagen in skin, only plant that has amino acids
  • Molecules are so small, penetrates into the skin on a deeper level on its own (clinically tested)
  • The challenging of mobilizing
  • Margaret as an aesthetician working on women on men, and how the products she uses have changed, moving more and more into natural, become all natural because of long term effects
  • Working on an exfoliant—because a pain point is that so many are too harsh for the skin, dry it out
  • Supplying ingredients to other companies
  • Wanting it be like a fashion entrepreneur  — the approach, business thinking
  • Finding the tools to enhance what we find to be beauty, engaging in your own beauty for yourself

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